Synonyms for Wear:


decrease, drop, dip, crater, decline, fall, slump, dwindle, diminish, shrink. disfigure, corrode, gnaw, erode, hurt, eat, harm, take its toll, mar, bite, spoil, stain, injure, mark, attack. drain, cover up, tired, wrap up, get dressed, slip into, pull on, try on. combats, beachwear, black tie, casuals, accessory, civvies, black, baggies, coordinates. adoption, operation, consumption, exploitation, application, use, usage, implementation. grow in, tend, seem, bristle with, possess, rate. bear up, put up with, take the bad with the good, resign yourself (to something), live with, take the rough with the smooth, grin and bear it. decay, destruction, sabotage, havoc, demolition, the ravages of something, devastation. clothes (noun)
clothing (noun)
depreciation (noun)
dilapidation, damage, loss, loss by friction, wear and tear, disappearance, impairment, corrosion, inroads of time, result of friction, waste, diminution.
disintegration (noun)
use, corrosion (noun)
damage, loss, diminution, disappearance, dilapidation, wear and tear, waste, impairment.
wear (noun)
clothes, endure, tire, have on, fall apart, clothing, wear down, get into, hold out, apparel, jade, don, fag out, assume, wear upon, fag, outwear, weary, wear thin, break, fatigue, tire out, vesture, wear out, wearing, put on, wearing apparel, article of clothing, bear, bust, wear off.


be clothed in (verb)
array, have on, bear, don, attire, put on, wrap, get into.
body (verb)
bother, undermine (verb)
wear down, enervate, harass.
chafe (verb)
disturb, irritate, rasp, aggravate, rub, resist, grate, chafe, scrub, fret, abrade, scrape, harass, grind.
clothe (verb)
accouter, dress, attire, clothe, array, wrap, outfit, costume.
corrode, use (verb)
decay, drain, weary, grind, scrape, chafe, erode, jade, dwindle, fatigue, decrease, wear thin, decline, abrade, shrink, wear out, rub, tire, diminish, exhaust.
endure (verb)
bear up.
fatigue (verb)
tucker, exhaust, frazzle, wear out, enervate, flag, fatigue, wear down, tire.

Other synonyms:

slip into, possess, cover up, grow in, implementation, wear and tear, seem, bristle with, pull on. application, tend, erode, exploitation, consumption, wrap up, usage, rate. operation, adoption, gnaw, corrode. bite. eat, use. drain. bore
try on.
wear thin.

Usage examples for wear

  1. But ladies of good taste seldom wear it in the morning. – Martine's Hand-book of Etiquette, and Guide to True Politeness by Arthur Martine
  2. Wear them- of course, dear child. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker