Synonyms for Development:


childhood, babyish, developmental, childlike, early, adolescence, childish, girlhood, boyhood. tract, situation, environment, subdivision, position, community, shopping center, climate, state of affairs, context, annex, background, branch, conditions. census, boondoggle, amnesty, change, Balkanization, progress, Evolvement, constitution, Constitutionality, checks and balances, constructive engagement, Balkanisation, containment. buildup, proliferation, center, barracks, megaplex, apartment complex, huddle, complex, block, accretion, multiplication. better, fortification, betterment, amelioration, assemblage, develop, lay, masonry, melioration, assembly. contrive, occurrence, discovery, coin, news, creativity, episode, breakthrough, design, happen, creative, occasion, event, thing, devise, incident, happening, circumstance, Frankenstein's Monster. causation, cause and effect, recreation, elicitation, causality, determination. creation (noun)
origination, invention, conception, establishment.
development (noun)
evolution, developing, maturation, exploitation, ontogeny, ontogenesis, growing.
expansion (noun)
augmentation, engorgement, extension, increase, expansion, burgeoning, fattening, stretching, growth, widening, spreading, distension, thickening, magnification, crescendo, swelling, dilation, enlargement, lengthening, broadening, amplification, increment, inflation.
growth (noun)
buildup, maturation, ontogenesis, Evolvement, reinforcement, evolution, spreading, developing, improvement, addition, unfolding, progress, advancement, ontogeny, expansion, increasing, increase, spread, Maturing, enlargement, advance, augmentation.
happening, incident (noun)
situation, circumstance, occurrence, change, event.
preparation (noun)
drafting, formulation, equipment, arrangement, composition, fabrication, fostering, mobilization, preparation, construction.
production (noun)
creation, formation, building, manufacture, making, production, execution, generation.
progress (noun)

Other synonyms:

direction, unfolding, fortification, devise, elicitation, developmental, girlhood, Frankenstein's Monster, gain, adolescence, apartment complex, childlike, improvement, buildup, causality, event, Evolvement, creativity, boyhood, barracks, childhood. breakthrough, babyish, momentum, change, early, masonry, discovery, childish, episode, huddle, subdivision, coin, recreation, accretion, melioration, megaplex, amelioration, complex. center, history, contrive, advance, assemblage, happening, incident, lay, multiplication, betterment. proliferation, occurrence, creative, determination. news, circumstance, design. block. develop. thing.

Usage examples for development

  1. Yet this, as he now saw, was the most important of all in the future development of mankind. – History of American Socialisms by John Humphrey Noyes
  2. The articles that now follow in our list are all good, and such as we could, with conscience and safety, trust to for the health and development of any child whatever. – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  3. Hawthorne's genius was of slow development – The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Frank Preston Stearns