Synonyms for Take out:


flush out, sweep away, dislodge, take off, weed out. derive, gain, find, get together, cut out, accept, obtain, bring, come by. disinvite, have, ask, entertain, attend, I'll hold you to that, accompany, guest, have in, catering, lead, chaperon, have over, have round. self-destruct, blow apart, blast, blow up, blow off, zap, rip through, burst, blow a hole in something, explode. please, bring a smile to your face/lips, excite, gladden, brighten (up) someone's day/life, uplift, do someone's heart good, hearten, make someone's day, lift. trample, wrong, discriminate, mistreat, victimize, use, prey on, oppress, be rough on someone, persecute. walk someone's feet off, finish off, wear out, exhaust, take it out of you, overtax, drain, tire.


abbreviate (verb)
cut out.
accompany (verb)
chaperon, lead, attend.
cheat (verb)
court (verb)
demolish (verb)
disable (verb)

Other synonyms:

accompany. accompany
Other relevant words:
drain, exhaust, entertain, lead, take off, accompany, weed out, attend, chaperon.