Synonyms for Withdraw:


weed out, quash, reverse, repress, flush out, repeal, bar, abrogate, introduce, sweep away, ban, dislodge, stamp out, rescind. air cover, switch, bombed-out, Beleaguered, black out, battle cry, aggressor, active duty, belligerent, active service. dispute, discredit, explode, disprove, disabuse, debunk, confound, move, deflate, take off. show, stay-at-home, keep to yourself, insular, retiring, self-contained, two's company, three's a crowd, antisocial, solitary, withdrawn, reclusive. push off, get off, shove off, requisition, go off with, go away, deprive, approach, get away, cut out, blow, encroach, split, rob. think better of something, knock something on the head, cry off, forget, call off, hold back, forward. forbid, disassociate, prohibit, dissociate, disallow, clamp down, assemble, refuse, decline, not brook something. bank, abjure, open, close, debit, pay in, mortgage, borrow, credit. withdraw (noun)
unsay, pull away, adjourn, crawfish out, draw off, pull back, pull in one's horns, crawfish, retreat, back out, draw, take, recede, recall, call-in, sequester, take out, move back, remove, back away, disengage, seclude, retire, take back, draw back, sequestrate.


annul (verb)
deny, Disaffirm, nullify, eliminate, destroy, veto, refute, invalidate, retract, efface, repudiate, undo, dismiss, extinguish, neutralize, abolish, disavow, annul, eradicate, negate, obliterate, revoke, divorce, dissolve, cancel, abnegate, delete.
depart (verb)
go, exit, leave, flee, embark, decamp, abandon, part, depart, quit.
extract (verb)
excavate, extract, amputate, draw, extricate, remove.
give up (verb)
give up, surrender, stop, resign, relinquish, cease, discontinue, desist.
relinquish (verb)
vacate, disclaim, abdicate, disown, forgo, release, waive, capitulate, desert, defect, shed, renounce, forsake.
remove something or someone from situation (verb)
vacate, depart, retire, draw back, quit, eliminate, blow, leave, go, get off, back out, exit, retreat, take out, recede, switch, disengage, take off, get away, pull back, extract, abjure.
resign (verb)
reject, retire, accept, terminate.
retract; declare void (verb)
take back, revoke, dissolve, disavow, recant, disclaim, call off, stamp out, unsay, abrogate, quash, abolish, suppress, rescind, ban, reverse, recall, bar, repress, annul, invalidate, nullify, repudiate.

Other synonyms:

disassociate, abjure. dissociate. split, blow. back
back away
back down
pull back.
call in
get off, go away, get away, shove off.
weed out.
give up
leave, push off, come away.

Usage examples for withdraw

  1. " Of what advantage to her, I ask you, is the long standing of her acquaintance with Sir Gilbert, if his caprice and injustice are to make him withdraw himself at such a time as this? – The Vicar of Wrexhill by Mrs [Frances] Trollope
  2. I have settled with them, and wish to withdraw the suit. – The Metropolis by Upton Sinclair