Synonyms for Stay:


arrive, truss, prop, come from, populate, board. bib, arm, care label, coattails, armhole, breast pocket, bodice, visit, buttonhole. level, jog along, stabilize, withstand, standardize, regularize, hold out. place, stay behind. stall, surcease, belay. defer, DO, shelve, waive, table, hold off, adjourn. maintain. adjournment (noun)
cessation (noun)
closure, standstill, discontinuance, hiatus, cessation, interruption, abandonment, stoppage, termination, ending.
ending (noun)
fastener (noun)
binder, tie, rabbet, suture, anchor, buckle, cotter, chain, mucilage, nail, lace, glue, cinch, string, hinge, vise, rivet, cincture, twine, braid, bonding, paste, spike, weld, pin, zipper, fuse, brace, skewer, splice, connector, band, clasp, knot, belt, hasp, knitting, strap, hook, staple, fastener, grapnel, Vinculum, medium, coupling, tack, agent, thread, bond, button, clip, latch, catch, hitch, binding, bracket, clinch, cement, stitch, seal, go-between, snap, clamp, mediator, cleat, ligament, bolt, lock, middleman, hawser, fastening, brad, guy, link.
hindrance (noun)
congestion, impasse, inhibition, barrier, blockade, constraint, deterrent, damper, frustration, blockage, hindrance, entrapment, restriction, impedance, resistance, obstacle, opposition, entanglement, drawback, impediment, constipation, hurdle, bafflement, restraint, encumbrance, disadvantage, obstruction, complication.
inactivity (noun)
interruption (noun)
interval, postponement, interlude, suspension.
stay (noun)
appease, check, outride, remain, halt, bide, quell, truss, stoppage, rest, stick, hitch, stay put, suspension, stop, ride out, last out, reprieve, stick around, persist, delay, prop, break, abide, brace, postponement, arrest, detain, hold, standstill, pause.


abide (verb)
rest, wait, inhabit.
adjourn (verb)
recess, restrain, hold off.
fasten (verb)
baste, weave, fasten, knit, sew, couple, plait, zip, tether, connect, lash, bind.
interrupt (verb)
postpone, recess.
occupy (verb)
dwell, house, billet, inhabit, quarter, roost, lodge, occupy, reside, colonize, squat.
remain (verb)
prevail, remain, linger, tarry.
rest (verb)
quiet, sleep, still, calm, becalm, rest, subside, vegetate, stand, tranquilize, slumber, settle down, fix, wait, stagnate, mark time, settle.
stop (verb)
freeze, hold.

Other synonyms:

belay, jog along, visit, stay behind, standardize, regularize. prop, withstand, adjourn. shelve, defer, waive, stall, stabilize. maintain. level. abide
settle, stick around.
hold off.
ride out.
live in

Usage examples for stay

  1. Then his wife said again: 'It is not good for you to stay here. – The Strange Story Book by Mrs. Andrew Lang