Synonyms for State:


regional (adjective)
local, canton, city, district, provincial, area, regional, colonial, circuit, national, borough, commonwealth, precinct, riding, sector, county, divisional, shire, realm, quarter, town, tract, zone, territorial.


absolutist, autonomous, governing, governmental, democratic, absolute, colonialist, collectivist, federal, bicameral. case, event, phase, occurrence, stipulation, banana republic, welfare, element, eventuality, nature, contingency, anarchy, time, absolutism, limitation, essential, coalition, prerequisite, imperative, requirement, occasion, proviso, outlook, reputation, caretaker government, autonomy, category, juncture, autocracy, big government, Centralism. deliver, pinch, divulge, quandary, advise, give someone to understand (that), difficulty, let someone know, brief, point out, plight, predicament, relay. be, breadbasket, belt, the borderland, airspace, co, corridor. comment, remark, fume, tizzy, air, swivet, formulate, pronounce on, calm, sound off, snit, sweat, speak out. gb, down under, Ind, bharat, GDR, GR, britain, politics, Aotearoa, Great Britain, polity, the Emerald Isle. autarky, oligarchy, protectorate, monarchy, dictatorship, federation. fitness, well-being, wellness, mental health, health, ill health. composition, stand, as is, shape, constitution, preservation. delicacy, effervescence, consistency, absorbency, permeability, astringency, volatility, naturalness. area (noun)
locality, precinct, quarter.
body politic (noun)
Res Publica.
case (noun)
quandary, predicament.
circumstance (noun)
circumstances (noun)
condition (noun)
shape, phase.
condition or mode of being (noun)
essential, limitation, eventuality, stipulation, plight, prerequisite, environment, standing, reputation, juncture, time, contingency, phase, nature, case, humor, circumstance, event, mood, station, position, footing, predicament, welfare, status, frame of mind, category, outlook, situation, proviso, shape, occasion, element, occurrence, requirement, stand, imperative.
dignity, grandeur (noun)
style, rank.
disturbed (noun)
confused, upset, badly off, troubled.
government, country (noun)
body politic, nation, territory, land, commonwealth, federation.
mood (noun)
frame of mind, humor, mood.
phase (noun)
rank (noun)
footing, grade, step, term, scale, degree, rank, range, stage, mark.
region (noun)
territory, shire, municipality, province, tract, sector, neighborhood, area, town, division, lot, empire, county, nation, place, domain, bailiwick, riding, parcel, plot, precinct, circuit, realm, quarter, beat, dukedom, field, commonweal, locality, district, region, country, earldom, borough, zone, colony, city, kingdom, canton, duchy.
situation (noun)
quality, aspect, layout, environment, status, location, formation, ambience, scene, configuration, mode, site, station, property, circumstance, spot, disposition, standing, post, situation, style, condition, arrangement, modality, placement, position.
social status (noun)
state (noun)
public, put forward, tell, state department, nation, state of matter, commonwealth, department of state, state-supported, country, body politic, Res Publica, submit, say, land.


affirm (verb)
approve, assure, claim, accept, propound, proclaim, avouch, declare, certify, express, acknowledge, contend, assert, verify, endorse, admit, adjure, affirm, sustain, corroborate, aver, maintain, pronounce, attest, warrant, testify, promise, validate, set down, profess, support, pledge, ratify, submit.
communication (verb)
declare, assert (verb)
aver, express, describe, recount, affirm, say, deliver, tell, air, pronounce, narrate, propound, report.
evince (verb)
confirm, adduce, establish, exhibit, prove, depose, evince, vouch, determine, betoken, demonstrate, indicate, manifest, substantiate, authenticate, exemplify, witness, illustrate, document, connote, observe.
report (verb)
summarize, narrate, report, chronicle, log, table, record, account, retell, tell, Journalize, recount, portray, describe.

Other synonyms:

mood, pronounce on, speak out, wellness, sound off, predicament, snit, tizzy, well-being, fitness, ill health. consistency, polity, remark, mental health, constitution, fume. comment, health, preservation, composition. delicacy. air. stand. State Department
state department.
res publica
Res Publica.
Other relevant words:
monarchy, fitness, advise, protectorate, occurrence, nature, state department, delicacy, mood, element, shape, Res Publica, quandary, humor, predicament, swivet, consistency, snit, ill health, public, requirement, stipulation, put forward, point out, fume, constitution, plight, imperative, tizzy, body politic, proviso, preservation, polity, case, say, air, federation, welfare, land, reputation, category, pinch, remark, formulate, outlook, phase, comment, essential, frame of mind, department of state, upset, deliver, speak out, occasion, juncture, eventuality, state-supported, federal, state of matter, divulge, difficulty, stand, event, time, governmental, sweat, contingency, limitation, prerequisite, health.