Synonyms for Proceed:


plod along, outpace, reach, break through, get on with, get ahead. fare, wend, bubble, journey, push on, remove, outlive, persist. march, head, walk-on, press, forge ahead, come, get along. proceed (noun)
continue, move, carry on, go, go on, keep, go along, go forward.


behave (verb)
conduct, comport, perform, deport, practice, act, behave.
change (verb)
communication (verb)
continue, go on, carry on.
endeavor (verb)
assay, attempt, maneuver, engage, venture, aim, contract, endeavor, commit, approach, exploit, volunteer, undertake.
move (verb)
stir, move, run, go, transfer, pass, shift, budge, actuate, march, relocate, flow, transit, course.
physically or mentally carry on, carry out (verb)
fare, push on, advance, go on, journey, get on with, pass, progress, march, wend, continue.
progress (verb)
further, progress, advance, improve.
venture (verb)
initiate, scheme, campaign, pursue.

Other synonyms:

outlive, persist. wend, Upspring. bubble, journey. derive, fare. come, remove. DO. originate. change
get along
get along.
go forward
go forward.
stay the course.

Usage examples for proceed

  1. " I am sorry to have to tell you, my lord," said the laird, re- entering, " that both our roads and your horses are in such a state that it is impossible you should proceed to- day." – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  2. Were it not best to proceed boldly? – A Boy's Ride by Gulielma Zollinger
  3. We may not proceed against them without due consideration. – The Title Market by Emily Post