Synonyms for Dragging:


extended (adjective)
long (adjective)
drawn-out, long-drawn-out, protracted.
slow (adjective)
phlegmatic, crawling, dawdling, plodding, lethargic, Delaying, lingering, slowpoke, leisurely, slow, sluggish, Trudging, creeping, poky, Loitering.
tiresome, monotonous (adjective)
lengthy, Overlong, long, prolonged, boring, protracted, dull, drawn-out.


long, long-drawn-out, prolonged, protracted, drawn-out, Overlong, lengthy, excite. dragging (noun)
slow, effortful.
monotonous (noun)
boring, dull, drawn-out.


attracting (verb)
enchanting, inviting, captivating, enticing, Seducing, engrossing, Magnetizing, Luring, charming, Attracting, drawing, pulling, alluring.
hindering (verb)
Clogging, Fouling, Miring, Obstructing, opposing, Paralyzing, Bunging, blocking, Staying, Entangling, jamming, Deterring, stopping, Damming, Burdening, Hampering, Encumbering, impeding, Resisting, Checking, choking, Impairing, constraining, braking, fettering, Snagging, curbing, bottlenecking, restricting, inhibiting, hindering, Delaying, Handicapping, Crimping, thwarting, Hamstringing, Complicating, Snarling, Tangling, constipating, crippling, Cramping, frustrating, Restraining, congesting, catching, baffling, Entrapping, Interrupting, barring, Plugging, countering, Detaining.
pulling (verb)
Grabbing, jerking, Yanking, Towing, Tugging, hauling.
slowing (verb)
poking, Retarding, slowing.

Other synonyms:

drawn-out, long-drawn-out, Overlong. protracted. prolonged, lengthy. long. Other relevant words:
effortful, lengthy, Overlong, long, boring, prolonged, dull, drawn-out, long-drawn-out, protracted.

Usage examples for dragging

  1. In the meantime-" As Weiss retired from the platform, and the longhaired 'cellist came upon it, Fullaway sprang up, dragging Allerdyke after him. – The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher