Synonyms for Taking:


attractive (adjective)
fetching, engaging, bewitching, glamorous, prepossessing, winsome, enticing, enchanting, fascinating, winning, charming, Luring, lovely, pleasant, pretty, tempting, sweet.
communicable (adjective)
catching, infectious, contagious.


enchanting, fascinating, pretty, like, enticing, winsome, glamorous, tempting, bewitching, engaging, prepossessing, lovely, sweet. move, contagious, infectious, communicable. engaging (noun)
refreshing, gracious, pleasant, charming.
taking (noun)
winning, fetching, pickings, attractive.


acquiring (verb)
purchasing, Accumulating, incurring, Palming, netting, landing, Retrieving, Adding, Luring, scoring, Claiming, wrangling, Garnering, buying, fetching, assuming, Heaping, Cornering.
capturing (verb)
Achieving, getting, winning, Capturing, Snaring, Gaining, catching, abducting, arresting, Obtaining, Occupying, seizing, Apprehending, Securing, Collaring, Snatching.
receiving (verb)
inhaling, devouring, gulping, Admitting, accessing, Engorging, assimilating, absorbing, accepting, Gobbling, Pocketing, eating, inspiring, Receiving, Swallowing, ingesting.
taking (verb)
Annexing, Depriving, Grabbing, impounding, Nabbing, Levying, Procuring, Amassing, collecting, harvesting, Confiscating, bagging, Usurping, Appropriating, Commandeering, Reaping, acquiring, gathering, Monopolizing.

Other synonyms:

bewitching, enticing, enchanting. glamorous, attractive, tempting, fascinating, communicable, winsome, prepossessing. infectious, pretty, lovely. engaging. communicable
Other relevant words:
pleasant, enchanting, pickings, bewitching, fascinating, engaging, charming, prepossessing, pretty, infectious, glamorous, refreshing, attractive, enticing, contagious, sweet, tempting, communicable, lovely, winsome.

Usage examples for taking

  1. They would begin by a secret taking leave, don't you see? – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  2. " Why, about taking care of myself. – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett