Synonyms for Namely:


all (adverb)
videlicet, viz., that is to say.
that is to say (adverb)
by way of explanation, strictly speaking, Id Est, in other words, Scilicet, in plain English, videlicet, particularly, specifically.


furthermore, in plain English, by the way, particularly, in other words, not to mention, anyhow, specifically, the fact that, strictly speaking, even so, by way of explanation, as much as to say, anyway, incidentally, in any case, Id Est. namely (noun)
videlicet, viz., that is to say.
that is to say (noun)
specifically, Scilicet, specific.

Other synonyms:

anyway, furthermore, anyhow. incidentally. that is to say
that is to say, Scilicet, specifically.
Other relevant words:
particularly, furthermore, incidentally, that is to say, specifically, Id Est, in other words, Scilicet.

Usage examples for namely

  1. The best known preventive of serious results from this disease is the same as in the rest of infectious diseases, namely rest in bed, away from all other children, which at the same time stops the spread of it. – A Handbook of Health by Woods Hutchinson
  2. He, too, spent a day with me, and left on my mind a very different impression, namely that I should grow to respect and like him the more that I saw of him. – The Silent Isle by Arthur Christopher Benson