Synonyms for Following:


all (adjective)
back (adjective)
in the wake of.
end (adjective)
ensuing (adjective)
following (adjective)
descending, closing, trailing, lagging, posterior, outcome, consequent.
happening, being next or after (adjective)
hinder, ensuing, succeeding, in search of, later on, resulting, posterior, next, consequent, then, successive, by and by, in the wake of, subsequent, after a while, coming, back, presently, pursuing, later, afterward, on the scent, trailing, coming after, a while later, directly after, latter, rear, henceforth.
late (adjective)
posterior (adjective)
subsequent, after, coming after, yesterday's, ensuing, consequent, later.
pursuing (adjective)
rear (adjective)


friend, adherent, supporter, proponent, sponsor, follower, ideologue, sympathizer, exponent, advocate. like, audience, beyond, subsequently, public, in time, Since, in the course of time. gentle, easterly, train, entourage, biting, cutting, gusty, east, over, force, the Beaufort scale, suite, gale-force, retinue. time, coming, precede. entourage (noun)
following (noun)
pursuing, pursuit, favourable, chase, next, followers, undermentioned, stalking, tailing, shadowing, succeeding, favorable.
persons of an interest or belief (noun)
public, suite, audience, retinue, entourage, train.


approaching (verb)
ensuing (verb)
impending, Destining, approaching, resulting, developing, Eventuating.
following (verb)
lagging, descending.
occurring (verb)
Arising, Befalling, transpiring, Occurring, happening.
pursuing (verb)
stalking, pursuing, dogging, Aiming, aspiring, Harrying, tailing, sleuthing, Endeavoring, Chasing, seeking, questing, Intending, tracking, hunting, striving, trailing, searching, undertaking.
sequencing (verb)
Chaining, sorting, aligning, Linking, succeeding, sequencing, ranking, Concatenating, Threading, Stringing, Arraying, arranging, Progressing, queuing, lining up, ordering.
succeeding (verb)
rear, in search of, after a while, in full cry, afterward, directly after, by and by, presently, successive, later on, back, hinder, henceforth, afterwards, in pursuit of, in the wake of, coming, latter, a while later, on the scent, coming after.

Other synonyms:

entourage, afterward, afterwards, subsequently, gusty, audience, gale-force, the Beaufort scale. Since, biting. easterly, beyond. train, gentle. east, cutting. force. entourage

Usage examples for following

  1. On the following morning, with the sun, he was on his way to the house in which he had been born, and which he had never left for twenty- four hours at a time in his life. – Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper
  2. He was following another train of thought. – The Silver Horde by Rex Beach
  3. On the following day she was all right again. – Maximina by Armando Palacio Valdés