Synonyms for Drawing:


prepossessing (adjective)


caricature, collage, diptych, art, aquatint, etching, daub, abstract, canvas, bas relief. pool, raffle, arts and crafts, ceramics, batik, belles lettres, sweepstakes, art form, coloring, brass rubbing. drawing (noun)
blueprint, draft, lottery, draught, painting, draftsmanship, diagram, drawing off, masterpiece, landscape, still life, Water color, portrait, tracing, doodle, drafting, sketch, study, pastel, plan, scene, charcoal.
extraction (noun)
extraction, extrication, withdrawal, eradication, deracination, Evolvement, removal, amputation, excavation, Evulsion.
illustration (noun)
sketch, etching, tracing, cartoon, outline, portrayal, representation, depiction, study, delineation, picture, likeness, doodle, painting.
outline (noun)
frame, perimeter, border, delineation, figure, circumference, periphery, form, contour, girth, configuration, profile, limit, wire frame, framework, skeleton.
raffle (noun)
representation (noun)
illustration, carving, portrayal, pastiche, imitation, depiction, picture, likeness, effigy, facsimile, cartoon, metaphor, replica, impression, model, statue, snapshot, bust, silhouette, rendering, miniature, representation, analogy, duplication, image, idol, approximation, photograph, cast, copy, outline, figurine.
traction (noun)
traction, purchase.


attracting (verb)
pulling, Seducing, engrossing, alluring, inviting, captivating, Luring, Magnetizing, enchanting, charming, enticing, dragging.
bringing (verb)
Attracting, Transporting, fetching, adducing, inducing, bearing, Carrying, Transferring, conveying, bringing, imparting, conducting.
drawing (verb)
doodling, Illustrating, depicting.
extracting (verb)
Eradicating, Amputating, Extracting, Removing, Excavating, withdrawing, Extricating.
outlining (verb)
Delineating, Sketching, Circumscribing, figuring, contouring, Forming, drafting, profiling, planning, Outlining, framing, representing, silhouetting.
pulling (verb)
Yanking, Tugging, Grabbing, Towing, jerking, hauling.

Other synonyms:

etching. art. sweepstakes
Other relevant words:
draftsmanship, sweepstakes, art, drawing off, etching, draft, pool, draught, raffle, canvas, lottery.

Usage examples for drawing

  1. I do not think you are suspected yet, and you may be able to help us by drawing off the watchers' attention when you leave. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  2. In the drawing room two women sat together. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming
  3. At Hames should I have sat in the drawing room? – The Professional Aunt by Mary C.E. Wemyss