Synonyms for Chart:


inspect, go over, check over, monitor, study, scrutinize, examine, check, review. dream up, finalize, map, draw up, lay out, map out, show, think ahead. planned, block graph, curve, bell curve, bar graph, strategize, cross-section, lay, dope out, project, work out, formulate, axis. grid, contour, boundary, knowledge, tabulation, table, grid reference, cartography, globe, atlas. residency, disk-jockey, deejay, dj, disc-jockey, chart-topping, the hit parade, the charts. astrology (noun)
aries, astrologer, astrology, aquarius, astrological, cancer, capricorn, gemini.
chart (noun)
outline, map out, diagram, place, plot, plan, table, map, monitor, blueprint.
course of action (noun)
graph (noun)
table, diagram, map, outline.
map, plan (noun)
diagram, scheme, outline, table, tabulation, plot, blueprint.
plan (noun)
coordination, proposition, blueprint, premeditation, anticipation, intention, arrangement, contrivance, invention, expectation, idea, conception, aim.
table (noun)
table, tabulation.


order (verb)
regulate, form, maintain, arrange, rate, settle, set, Methodize, organize, grade, adjust, structure, design, subordinate, mediate, support, prepare, control, harmonize, rank, balance, integrate, pigeonhole, order, program, stratify, score, devise, type, right, plan, normalize, rationalize, screen, schematize, place, collate, plot, sift, scheme, cast, compose, categorize, stabilize, schedule, frame, shape, orchestrate, sort, array, unsnarl, unify, marshal, group, class, fix, systematize, separate, classify, establish.
plan (verb)
expect, coordinate, conceive, intend, propose, premeditate, contrive, anticipate, invent.
plan, map out (verb)
cast, lay out, design, project, shape, devise, arrange.

Other synonyms:

strategize, block graph, cross-section, the hit parade, tabulation, grid reference, disc-jockey, chart-topping, cartography, bell curve, bar graph, contour. map, table. dj, globe. formulate, grid, curve, residency, axis. lay. astrology
aries, cancer, astrological, capricorn, gemini, astrology, aquarius.
Other relevant words:
inspect, boundary, monitor, check, capricorn, work out, map, curve, formulate, scrutinize, lay, finalize, globe, cancer, chart-topping, cartography, dj, review, tabulation, examine, residency, aries, diagram, planned, project, atlas, study, axis, bar graph, astrological, outline, gemini, astrology, knowledge, map out, lay out, deejay, contour, show, aquarius, table, strategize, astrologer, grid.

Usage examples for chart

  1. This instrument records on a weekly chart the humidity for each hour of the day, during the entire week. – Seasoning of Wood by Joseph B. Wagner