Synonyms for Lot:


corridor, patch, dry land, clearing, acreage, conservancy, property, parking lot, border, conservation area, belt, block, enclosure, claim. direction, cutting room, dub out, animation, zillion, much, cutaway, amplitude, abundance, dub over, dub in, oodles, many, direct, dub. auctioneer, EBAY, Dutch Auction, unite, bidding, bid, bidder, bid up, auction, join. collect, rogues' gallery, divvy, gaggle, posse, mob, dole. classification, predestination, category, taxonomy, class, certain, kismet, cross-section. body, collection, array, party, knot. manner, ilk, type, description, species, persuasion, feather, cast, breed, variety, stamp, sort, nature, kind, mold. bushel, trillion, multiplicity, scad, million, gob, load, Jillion, big, ream. allocate, allow, admeasure, measure out, give. a great deal (noun)
much, wealth, abundance, world, big, barrel, profusion, power.
amount (noun)
quantity, tidy sum.
character (noun)
destiny (noun)
entirety (noun)
fate, destiny (noun)
kismet, predestination, doom, fortune.
lump (noun)
number (noun)
portion (noun)
helping, dividend, member, cut, bit, stock, fraction, subdivision, compartment, sector, zone, interest, half.
portion, share (noun)
cut, quota, allowance, slice, ration.
quantity, often large (noun)
heap, circle, oodles, collection, abundance, multiplicity, barrel, batch, body, amplitude, number, mess, pile, requisition, set, order, great deal, load, mass, bunch, plenty, much, stack.
region (noun)
neighborhood, kingdom, borough, locality, county, commonweal, city, nation, municipality, circuit, beat, province, realm, dukedom, quarter, tract, state, field, place, shire, canton, domain, territory, area, plot, duchy, riding, region, town, earldom, colony, district, country, precinct, bailiwick, empire.

Other synonyms:

bushel, zillion, ream, trillion, million, doom, ilk, Jillion, admeasure, scad. oodles, gob, predestination, gaggle, collection, species, kismet, type, feather, property, rogues' gallery, posse, multiplicity. allocate, dole. mob, variety. mold, sort, description, knot. breed, persuasion. allow, load. manner, nature. party. body. order. give. a great deal
abundance, world, barrel, power, wealth, profusion, much.

Usage examples for lot

  1. Two men who might talk and give a lot of trouble." – Jack O' Judgment by Edgar Wallace
  2. My dead cousin was there, and an Old Man with a beard came and showed me a lot of gold. – Snowdrop and Other Tales by Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm
  3. Goin' t' be a lot of money in 'em, sure as you're alive. – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates