Synonyms for Charming:


agreeable (adjective)
amusing (adjective)
playful, enthralling, entertaining, fun, merry, rollicking, jocular, relaxing, stimulating, Distracting, delightful, Light-hearted, refreshing, jolly, pleasing, hilarious, beguiling, recreational, amusing, frivolous, diverting.
attractive (adjective)
enticing, alluring, fetching, ravishing, pretty.
beautiful (adjective)
ornamental, eye-filling, beautiful, belle, bonny, fair, sublime, enchanting, becoming, shapely, superb, sightly, finished, quaint, good-looking, lovely, picturesque, flowerlike, splendid, comely, resplendent, polished, pretty, exquisite, attractive, graceful, pleasing, glamorous, radiant, elegant, dazzling, gorgeous, refined, handsome, stunning.
captivating (adjective)
enthralling, charismatic, choice, pleasant, irresistible, ravishing, provocative, Magnetizing, elegant, engaging, winsome, engrossing, cute, lovely, absorbing, delightful, graceful, Enamoring, nice, lovable, Seducing, alluring, amiable, appealing, dainty, desirable, likable, fetching, electrifying, delectable, winning, pleasing, rapturous, attractive, tempting, delicate, glamorous, titillating, sweet, tantalizing, Infatuating, inviting, seductive, entrancing, fascinating.
elegant (adjective)
stylish, dignified, tasteful, fine, refined, exquisite, graceful, cultivated, suave, classical, tactful, sophisticated, neat, decorous, civil, cultured, elegant, well-bred.
endearing (adjective)
Love-making, spooning, romantic, caressing, alluring, snuggling, Dallying, cherishing, wooing, seductive, Serenading, Nuzzling, flirtatious, inviting, endearing, enticing.
friendly (adjective)
good-natured, friendly, Warm-hearted, welcoming, warm, spontaneous, genuine.
irresistible (adjective)
lovable (adjective)
pleasant (adjective)
pleasurable (adjective)
cheerful, delightful, jolly, entertaining, delectable, pleasing, enlivening, sunny, bonny, ambrosial, pleasurable, agreeable, blissful, enchanting, enjoyable, amusing, joyful, fine, bright, sweet, unobjectionable, pleasant, favorable.
tasteful (adjective)
tasteful, delicate, aesthetic, elegant, classic, discriminating, graceful, artistic, choice, refined, cultivated.


forced, studied, insincere, artificial, false, pretentious, affected, hollow, sugary, disingenuous. good, heavenly, like, pick on someone your own size, darling, happy, really, would, Against, where does someone get off doing something?, luscious, O.K., look at, mea culpa, delicious. dashing, telegenic, personable. charming (noun)
sorcerous, witching, wizardly, magical, supernatural, magic, wizard, pleasing.
enchanting (noun)
fetching, titillating, appealing, provocative, winsome, desirable, nice, intriguing, Transporting, irresistible, dainty, having sex appeal, adorable, amiable, smooth, thrilling, lovable, ravishing, engaging, fascinating, charismatic, entrancing, catching, Enamoring, Enrapturing, winning, rapturous, tempting, Infatuating, likable, electrifying, tantalizing, cute, absorbing.


amusing (verb)
Delighting, lightening.
attracting (verb)
engrossing, captivating, Seducing, alluring, enticing, Magnetizing, Attracting, inviting, drawing, pulling, Luring, dragging.
coaxing (verb)
swaying, coaxing, enlisting, inducing, convincing, Persuading, imploring, urging, Cajoling.
endearing (verb)
billing and cooing, kissing, courting, Coddling, fondling, making love, Ogling, cuddling, flirting, Romancing, hugging.

Other synonyms:

desirable, dainty, telegenic, lovable, mea culpa, adorable. dashing, would, nice. heavenly, luscious, look at. delicious. really. O.K., Against. adorable
irresistible, intriguing.

Usage examples for charming

  1. Valentina Mihailovna, with a most charming smile, handed Solomin a cup of coffee; he drank it and was already looking round for his hat when Sipiagin took him gently by the arm and led him into his study. – Virgin Soil by Ivan S. Turgenev
  2. After this, Flaxie was one of the most charming little girls you ever saw for two whole months. – The Twin Cousins by Sophie May
  3. How charming the light! – Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu