Synonyms for Singular:


alone (adjective)
matchless, unrivaled, peerless, incomparable.
bizarre (adjective)
kooky, oddball, odd, freakish.
curious (adjective)
novel, unconventional.
different (adjective)
out of the ordinary, unusual.
distinctive (adjective)
superior, separate, unreal.
distinguished (adjective)
great, nonpareil.
exceptional (adjective)
irregular (adjective)
irregular, exceptional.
single (adjective)
one, solitary, sole, lone, single, unique, odd, individual, only.
singular (adjective)
individual, unusual, exceptional, sole, weird, uncommon, one, eccentric, solitary, bizarre, peculiar, strange, outlandish, outstanding, remarkable, single, unique, rare, curious, atypical, discrete, extraordinary, only.
unusual (adjective)
atypical, peculiar, novel, unusual, extraordinary, unique, uncommon, rare, exceptional.


plum, terrific, superior, great, splendid, cushdy, PHAT, ace, select. finite, continuous, separate, future, imperfect, causative, active, intransitive, ergative, discrete, include, imperative, impersonal. one, unreal, surreal, edgy. kooky, cranky, unnatural, weird, screwball. communication (noun)
singular form.
singular (noun)
odd, extraordinary, unusual, rummy, peculiar, curious, unique, remarkable, singular form, single, strange, funny, individual, rum.

Other synonyms:

out of sight, uncountable, STANDOUT, kooky, PHAT, noncount, cushdy, countable, plum. nonpareil, splendid, preeminent, awesome, matchless, unexampled, towering, discrete. peerless, unnatural, superior, cranky, outstanding, weird, unrivaled, nominal. ace, magnificent.

Usage examples for singular

  1. He had mentioned to Plouff the singular behaviour of the chief officer when he, the steward, had attempted to enter that gentleman's cabin. – Command by William McFee
  2. It's a mighty curious, singular thing. – From Sand Hill to Pine by Bret Harte
  3. It is singular that the man should have known which was the window of your father's room. – Colonel Thorndyke's Secret by G. A. Henty