Synonyms for Capital:


excellent (adjective)
delightful, splendid, first-rate, choice, excellent.
main, essential (adjective)
dominant, principal, primary, chief, first.
superior (adjective)
choice, first-rate, excellent, delightful, splendid, great.


block capitals, alphabet, consonant, letter, block letters, alphabetical, alphabetize, initial. principal, annuity, contrarian, derivative, capital-intensive, arbitrage, capital gains tax, debenture. fund, place, locale, finance, venue, center, scene, setting, whereabouts, site, location, base. financing, support, framework, foundation, scaffold, grubstake, rafter, frame, joist, help, funding, gantry, subsidization, stake, buttress, stanchion, backing, capitalization. exceptional, tremendous, good, incredible, resource, wonder, owned, decent, mean. burg, dormitory town, city, city state, county town, the big smoke, county seat, boom town, conurbation. capital (noun)
great, serious, majuscule, Das Kapital, uppercase, chapiter, superior, upper case, working capital, upper-case letter, primary, cap.
capitalization (noun)
circumstances (noun)
city of governmental seat (noun)
county seat.
communication (noun)
Das Kapital.
financial assets (noun)
cash, fortune, financing, wealth, wherewithal, estate, means, money, stock, gold, property, stake, Resources, treasure, ways and means, funds.
letter (noun)
money (noun)
change, gross, stock, gold, greenback, copper, wallet, pocket money, money, sterling, pounds, spending money, assets, bond, bullion, wherewithal, treasure, ingot, money order, coupon, check, balance sheet, purse, wad, lucre, moolah, dollar, nugget, proceeds, silver, loot, scratch, bank note, wampum, funds, bill, note, ways and means, swag, receipts, issue, dough, coinage, iou, promissory note, draft, cash, bankroll, petty cash, currency.
possession (noun)
working capital.
principal (noun)
dominant, principal, main, chief, first.
property (noun)
resource (noun)
means, stock-in-trade, revenue, reserve, expedients, Resources.
supply (noun)
uppercase (noun)
upper case.
upper case written symbol (noun)
cap, initial, majuscule.
wealth (noun)
fortune, riches, asset, plenty, landslide, income, prosperousness, profit, wealth, sufficiency, prosperity, plenteousness, net worth, estate, opulence, property, affluence, worth, possessions.

Other synonyms:

boom town, county town, alphabetize, alphabet, letter, block capitals, burg, principal, county seat, the big smoke, debenture, block letters, contrarian, subsidization, capitalization, conurbation, grubstake, alphabetical, funding, dormitory town, city state, capital-intensive. city, derivative, annuity, main, consonant, first-rate, financing. initial, backing. first, resource, stake. splendid. mean. endowment
first class
Other relevant words:
choice, mean, consonant, county town, first-rate, uppercase, working capital, serious, backing, chief, splendid, center, delightful, capitalization, upper case, first, exceptional, great, dominant, derivative, finance, Das Kapital, resource, main, funding, alphabetize, county seat, base, letter, good, assets, excellent, contrarian, subsidization, grubstake, chapiter, superior, upper-case letter, alphabetical, primary, annuity, principal, majuscule, financing, site, capital-intensive, stake, cap, fund, initial, debenture, city, support.

Usage examples for capital

  1. We are not without friends in the capital who may hear of our need. – Princess Maritza by Percy Brebner
  2. I've got a capital suggestion to make, one to which there can be no possible objection from any point of view. – General John Regan 1913 by George A. Birmingham
  3. " That we haven't any capital to speak of," she said. – The Jervaise Comedy by J. D. Beresford