Synonyms for Camp:


all (adjective)
amusing (adjective)
consciously affecting the unfashionable, weird, or bizarre (adjective)
artificial, affected, mannered, pop, posturing, avant-garde.


live, reside, settle, come from, squat, board, arrive, inhabit, populate, settle down. art deco, arts and crafts, agitprop, baroque, aquatint, art nouveau, the avant-garde, abstract expressionism, brushwork. accessible, abstract, artistic, artsy-craftsy, avant-garde, aesthetic. getaway, activity vacation, escape, honeymoon, excursion, holiday, adventure travel, break, activity holiday. organization, flash mob, club, police, commission, panel, flash mobbing, association, Support Group. camper, camp bed, camper van, campfire. machismo, masculine, effeminate, male, effete, macho, unmanly, boyish, manly. camp (noun)
camp down, pack, clique, summer camp, encampment, ingroup, camp out, in poor taste, inner circle, tasteless, campy, bivouac, coterie, cantonment, tent, encamp.
camp out (noun)
lodge temporarily, sleep under the stars, rough it, go backpacking, make camp, nest, make a dry camp, pitch a tent, lodge, put up for the night, sleep out, locate, pitch camp, stop over, station, dwell, quarter.
campy (noun)
extravagant, exaggerated, stylized, theatrical, tacky, kitschy, corny, pop, popular, dated, artificial, banal, mannered, affected, posturing.
site for outdoor living (noun)
encampment, campfire, bivouac, lodge, tent.

Other synonyms:

macho, activity vacation, holiday, honeymoon, baroque, art nouveau, getaway, boyish, agitprop, aquatint, arts and crafts, artistic, effete, the avant-garde, machismo, stylized, activity holiday, art deco, camper, campfire, unmanly, camp bed, artsy-craftsy, effeminate, brushwork, excursion, adventure travel, aesthetic, camper van, abstract expressionism. abstract, accessible, masculine. escape. break. male. encampment
Other relevant words:
effeminate, aesthetic, nest, masculine, camper, brushwork, association, artistic, manly, lodge, posturing, effete, panel, machismo, station, mannered, theatrical, unmanly, avant-garde, dated, commission, abstract, pop, organization, holiday, extravagant, artificial, board, live, dwell, kitschy, clique, inhabit, reside, male, rough it, lodge temporarily, arrive, club, exaggerated, honeymoon, agitprop, escape, aquatint, populate, macho, popular, getaway, baroque, police, banal, tacky, settle, sleep out, squat, break, settle down, excursion, stylized, pitch camp, affected, artsy-craftsy, boyish, locate, accessible, corny, campfire, quarter.

Usage examples for camp

  1. While they were saying these pleasant words, the emperor sent for Diafebus to have him go quickly back to the camp – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  2. He will be glad enough to see you, I'll be bound; I saw him at the other end of the camp five minutes ago. – Jess by H. Rider Haggard
  3. I'm sorry, Sarah, he said, as they sat down to their supper, but I'm afraid we'll have to break camp and go back to town to- morrow morning. – Clover and Blue Grass by Eliza Calvert Hall