Synonyms for Transplant:


asset, book, cannibalize, capacity, brokerage, beauty parade, account, business plan, business, Broking. bonsai, aerate, drill, feed, deadhead, compost, bed out, cross-pollinate, cross-fertilize. angioplasty, appendectomy, caesarean, cesarean, bypass, colostomy, abortion, d and c, c-section, circumcision. donation, donor card, donor, reject, rejection, donate, blood bank, blood donor. transplant (noun)
organ transplant, transpose, transfer, transplanting, graft, transplantation.
transplanting (noun)
etc., eye transplant, skin graft heart transplant, kidney transplant, cardiac transplant, operation, introducing a donated organ.


motion (verb)
relocate (verb)
graft, transfer, transpose.

Other synonyms:

blood bank, blood donor, donor card. donate, donation, donor. reject. operation. rejection.

Usage examples for transplant

  1. There was a time indeed when the Garden furnish'd Entertainments for the most Renown'd Heroes, virtuous and excellent Persons; till the Blood- thirsty and Ambitious, over- running the Nations, and by Murders and Rapine rifl'd the World, to transplant its Luxury to its new Mistriss, Rome. – Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets by John Evelyn
  2. Carrying out the French king's plan to rob the republic of that lucrative traffic, and to transplant it, by means of experienced Hollanders, into France, the president, while openly siding with the States, as their most disinterested friend, was secretly doing all in his power to destroy the very foundation of their commonwealth. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley