Synonyms for Carriage:


balance, charger, step, poise, calculator, converter, aspect, agitator, compressor, gait, blower, convertor, cast, pose, boiler, walk, pace. bucket, cam, van, buggy, chamber, wagon, belt, ball bearing, trap, vehicle, sulky, hack, gig, troika, button, camshaft, cab, ancillary. berth, move, transit, car, caboose, baggage car, cable car, boxcar, bogie, buffet. carrier, dock, bill of lading, delivery, consignment, bill of entry. chariot, buckboard, brougham, caravan, chaise. appearance (noun)
artifact (noun)
equipage, rig, passenger car.
behavior (noun)
air, comportment, behavior, manner, bearing, practice, conduct, demeanor, method, tactics, way, procedure, countenance, deportment, guise.
carriage (noun)
rig, equipage, bearing, passenger car, posture.
cartage (noun)
baggage, conveyance, cartage, shipment, cargo, transference, forwarding, haulage, shipping, transportation, Truckage, transport, freight, luggage, passage.
delivery of freight (noun)
transportation, freight, conveyance, transit, transport.
gait (noun)
posture, physical and mental (noun)
air, manner, bearing, cast, pace, conduct, deportment, gait, aspect, comportment, step, demeanor, behavior.
vehicle (noun)

Other synonyms:

bill of lading, calculator, bogie, gait, brougham, charger, camshaft, chariot, buffet, ball bearing, baggage car, boxcar, convertor, cable car, buckboard, bill of entry, converter, blower, compressor. agitator, pose, bucket, caboose, troika, car, consignment, hack, boiler, cam, van, chaise, button. cab, gig, caravan. ancillary, transit, belt. carrier, dock, delivery. trap, balance. Wain
Other relevant words:
aspect, brougham, pace, converter, cast, carrier, blower, pose, cab, consignment, camshaft, balance, dock, compressor, trap, buffet, gait, vehicle, walk, rig, wagon, hack, gig, step, sulky, equipage, caboose, van, transit, posture, cam, passenger car, car, charger, buckboard, boxcar, poise, caravan, troika, chaise, chariot, buggy, calculator, air, baggage car, boiler, button, delivery.

Usage examples for carriage

  1. We can't keep our carriage certainly, aunt. – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  2. " That's the proper line to take," Wannop answered, smiling, as he stood with his hand on the carriage door. – For the Allinson Honor by Harold Bindloss
  3. Greifmann's carriage was at the door. – The Progressionists, and Angela. by Conrad von Bolanden