Synonyms for Box:


button, checkbox, active window, blip, cell, button bar, bar, avatar. jam, fix, pickle, the small screen, soup, hot water, scrape, radio, difficulty, the boob tube, trouble, dutch, easy, bind, predicament, quagmire, spot, the tube, hot spot, deep water, the airwaves, plight, dilemma, television. backcloth, backstage, balcony, auditorium, backdrop, box office, apron, aisle. the box, bleachers, the bench, court, Astroturf, clay, alley, baseline, crease. attention line, annexe, foot, blank, contents, attachment, amendment, annex, coda. boxing, cross, bare-knuckle, boxer, count out, arm-wrestling, bout, bantamweight. boatload, dessertspoon, cartload, armful, bucketful. cremate, Ashes, burial, cremains, cortege, bury, coffin. jockstrap, leotard, shin guard, jock, kit, shin pad, jersey, athletic supporter. center, entomb, embed, bed, cram. mold, envelope, catch-all. registered office, post-office box, PO Box, postage stamp, RFD, postage, box-number, face value, postcode. telephone kiosk, phone box, call box, telephone box, telephone booth, pay-phone, phone booth. artifact (noun)
baby bed (noun)
box (noun)
boxwood, package, loge, boxful, corner.
box seat (noun)
case (noun)
crib, canister, portfolio, carton, coffer, rack, folio, quiver, sheath, capsule, file, socket, hutch, casket, holster, scabbard, cedar chest.
container (noun)
crate, ladle, jar, holder, drawer, bottle, purse, cabinet, can, sack, case, receptacle, bag, cupboard, chest, vault, belly, storage, repository, barrel, tray, drum, decanter, basket, bin, shelf, locker, vat, reservoir, wallet, bowl, flask, suitcase, pouch, cup, cask, tank, closet, stomach, bladder, bucket, jug, pocket, container, trunk.
container, often square or rectangular (noun)
carton, receptacle, bin, crate, coffer, chest, case, trunk, package, casket.
crisis (noun)
predicament (noun)
hot spot, corner, deep water.
receptacle (noun)
state (noun)
trees (noun)
alder, bay, acacia, banyan, balsa, aspen, almond, bay tree, baobab, ash.


contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

leotard, avatar, button, call box, post-office box, pay-phone, boxing, telephone box, box office, bantamweight, box-number, telephone kiosk, phone booth, shin guard, postcode, cell, cortege, postage stamp, phone box, RFD, annex, attention line, postage, annexe, checkbox, jockstrap, aisle, blip, active window, cremate, cartload, hot spot, shin pad, backcloth, button bar, boatload, dutch, deep water, face value, burial, telephone booth, PO Box, cremains, arm-wrestling, bout, armful, bare-knuckle, cram, bucketful, registered office, auditorium, dessertspoon, athletic supporter. boxer, amendment, hot water, backdrop, blank, jock, dilemma, jersey, predicament, apron, count out, soup, foot, backstage, entomb, plight, bar. pickle, coda, kit, ash, mold, catch-all. quagmire, scrape, attachment, jam, embed, bury, center. spot. bind, difficulty, cross, bed. trouble. TV
Other relevant words:
cartload, soup, cell, boxer, coda, cremate, boxwood, blip, dilemma, arm-wrestling, predicament, bury, bucketful, dessertspoon, bout, RFD, jam, dutch, quagmire, auditorium, boxful, envelope, blank, annex, boxing, catch-all, armful, amendment, balcony, boatload, pickle, hot water, bind, scrape, cram, corner, apron, jockstrap, trouble, bay, button, spot, coffin, difficulty, plight, fix, bare-knuckle, loge, package, television, cortege, hot spot, embed, court, ash, cross, bed, postage.

Usage examples for box

  1. You set down that box – The Everlasting Whisper by Jackson Gregory
  2. You will open the box – Atlantida by Pierre Benoit
  3. You say a word to me, and I answer with two; you box my ears, and I box you twice. – Fables for Children, Stories for Children, Natural Science Stories, Popular Education, Decembrists, Moral Tales by Leo Tolstoy