Synonyms for Purple:


all (adjective)
purplish, violet.
purple (adjective)
heliotrope, mauve, raisin, lilac, damson, solferino, violet, burgundy, pansy, orchid, mulberry, lavender, livid, magenta, hyacinth, amethystine, grape, plum.


amethyst, avocado, alabaster, beige, baby blue, black, blue, amber, azure, bluish. attribute (noun)
blue and red colors mixed together (noun)
lilac, bluish red, amethyst, lavender, wine, orchid, pomegranate, violet, mulberry, reddish blue, plum, magenta, heliotrope, mauve.
colors (noun)
aquamarine, brown, biscuit, aqua, apricot, buff, blackness, bronze.
purple (noun)
embellished, empurpled, empurple, colorful, royal, purpleness, over-embellished, coloured, rhetorical, colored, chromatic, majestic, violet, purpurate, regal, noble, purplish, in color, imperial.
purplish (noun)
dahlia purple, pomegranate, Purpled, Indian purple, red, purply, puce, bluish red, wine, reddish blue, royal purple, Tyrian Purple.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
embellished, majestic, empurpled, purpleness, amethyst, royal purple, reddish blue, royal, puce, coloured, rhetorical, regal, colored, over-embellished, wine, purplish, purpurate, empurple, pomegranate, red, chromatic, noble, blue, purply, imperial, colorful.

Usage examples for purple

  1. The fourth side of this rough square, the Queen's Road side, is held by some of Buck's Purple warriors. – The Napoleon of Notting Hill by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  2. At these words the King grew purple in the face. – The Joyous Story of Toto by Laura E. Richards