Synonyms for Capsule:


anabolic steroid, medicine, amphetamine, antacid, antidote, antidepressant, anesthetic, pill, cap, anaesthetic, anticoagulant, tablet, analgesic, antibiotic. arm, bony, body, blowhole, spacecraft, anatomy, belly, antler, satellite, anatomical, carapace. astronaut, blast off, apollo, communications satellite, booster, aerospace, cosmonaut, Cape Canaveral. capsule (noun)
capsulise, space capsule, encapsulate, abridgment, ejector seat, capsulize, capsulate, condensation, abridgement, ejection seat.
case (noun)
bin, socket, coffer, quiver, casket, scabbard, folio, container, file, hutch, crib, canister, box, sheath, chest, rack, cedar chest, holster, case, carton, portfolio, crate.
container (noun)
enclosure, can, receptacle.
covering (noun)
tablet, usually medicine (noun)
cap, pill.


change (verb)
capsulize, capsulise, encapsulate.

Other synonyms:

astronaut, carapace, Cape Canaveral, bony, pill, antler, blast off, apollo, medicine, anatomical, cosmonaut. blowhole, satellite. tablet, anatomy, belly, arm. booster. body. rocket
Other relevant words:
antidepressant, capsulise, bony, amphetamine, carapace, analgesic, anticoagulant, antler, antacid, antibiotic, apollo, ejector seat, condensation, abridgment, tablet, cosmonaut, pill, cap, blowhole, abridgement, anatomy, arm, booster, medicine, ejection seat, enclosure, antidote, can, anesthetic, capsulize, receptacle, satellite, anaesthetic, encapsulate, body, space capsule, astronaut, belly, aerospace, capsulate, anatomical, spacecraft.

Usage examples for capsule

  1. The guiding principle is to cause the displaced bone to re- enter its socket by the same route as that by which it left it- that is, through the existing rent in the capsule – Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition. by Alexander Miles Alexis Thomson
  2. The event was the openin' of the Pill Box; you know, one of these dinky little theaters where they do the capsule drama at two dollars a seat. – Wilt Thou Torchy by Sewell Ford