Synonyms for Expedition:


assault, mission, struggle, campaign, combat, war, skirmish, pitched battle, incursion, battle. cavalcade, police, flash mob, flash mobbing, company, association, organization, party, posse, Support Group, team, band, squadron, crowd, patrol, army, panel, commission, contingent, caravan, fleet, club. cruise, exploration, flight, promptness, commute, crossing, speed, alacrity, circuit, haste, day trip, drive. move. celerity, quickness, swiftness, fleetness, hurry, Rapidness, rapidity, Speediness, hustle, fast. act (noun)
hostile expedition, military expedition.
expedition (noun)
dispatch, journey, expeditiousness, stroll, promenade, hostile expedition, hike, safari, despatch, walk, tour, march, trek, pleasure trip, sashay, jaunt, military expedition, ramble, excursion, junket, sojourn, outing, trip, voyage.
haste (noun)
fleetness, Speediness, haste, Rapidness.
journey; people on a journey (noun)
junket, mission, trip, voyage, party, company, tour, excursion, patrol, posse, exploration, cavalcade, outing, campaign, squadron, team, cruise, trek, fleet, jaunt, safari, crowd, caravan.
speed (noun)
speed; speeding up (noun)
expeditiousness, hustle, haste, swiftness, rapidity, dispatch, promptness, alacrity, hurry, quickness, celerity.

Other synonyms:

drive, day trip, Speediness, celerity, haste, crossing, speed, Rapidness. exploration, rapidity, fleetness, quickness. commute. circuit. cruise. flight, hurry. troop
Other relevant words:
company, speed, hurry, quickness, haste, pleasure trip, fleetness, cavalcade, cruise, sashay, patrol, despatch, mission, campaign, military expedition, war, hustle, drive, Speediness, circuit, squadron, caravan, fleet, expeditiousness, promptness, flight, party, Rapidness, celerity, commute, exploration, crowd, team, dispatch, alacrity, rapidity, hostile expedition, swiftness, incursion, posse.

Usage examples for expedition

  1. His expedition reached the James in August. – Captain John Smith by Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 22, 2009
  2. I really shouldn't know you were the same person who invited me to go on this expedition – Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond
  3. By- the- bye, Mr. Griggs, this new expedition is going to cost us something handsome, eh? – Mr. Isaacs by F. Marion Crawford