Synonyms for Nurse:


examine, attendant, caseload, diagnose, practical nurse, orderly, doctor, bedside manner, commit, cure, certify. servant, adopt, care order, care, babysit, adoption agency, caretaker, adopted, adoptive, au pair, adoption. mammy, get past, assist, help, make for, advance, promote, contribute. crib death, baby talk, baby milk, colic, bottle-feed, cultivate, cot death, bond, care for, change, burp. walk away with, burn, let yourself go, overflow, give up to, feel, experience, tingle, possess. survive, fight off, pull through, respond, strengthen, recover, heal, shake, revive. drink to, choke down, force down, glug, guzzle, down, chug, gulp, gorge. rn, staff nurse, matron, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, lpn, sister, midwife. nurse (noun)
nanny, give suck, harbour, nursemaid, harbor, entertain, suckle, breastfeed, hold, Wet nurse.
person who tends to sick, cares for someone (noun)
nurse practitioner, rn, caretaker, attendant, Wet nurse, practical nurse, registered nurse.
registered nurse (noun)
nurse practitioner.


care for, tend (verb)
feed, nurture, cultivate, advance, promote, harbor, nourish.
feed (verb)
breast-feed, fatten, cater to, nurture, wine and dine, nourish, feed, sustain, suckle.
give milk, usually from breast (verb)
suckle, give suck, bottle-feed, breast-feed.

Other synonyms:

rn, staff nurse, lpn, get past, give up to, heal, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, contribute, assist, servant, mammy, help. make for, survive, fight off, caretaker, pull through, matron, possess. walk away with, respond, care for, experience, tingle. recover, revive, overflow. feel. sister, cultivate. strengthen. shake. advance. aide
practical nurse.
Wet nurse.
Other relevant words:
nurse practitioner, certify, assist, examine, caretaker, doctor, nanny, chug, heal, matron, servant, practical nurse, cure, experience, revive, adopted, registered nurse, cultivate, hold, colic, bottle-feed, feel, strengthen, down, burn, respond, sister, adoption, breast-feed, babysit, glug, burp, tingle, caseload, diagnose, nursemaid, midwife, rn, help, advance, bond, guzzle, breastfeed, attendant, change, harbour, orderly, entertain, survive, adopt, lpn, commit, au pair, harbor, care for, contribute, care, shake, gulp, adoptive, mammy, recover, overflow, possess, promote, gorge.

Usage examples for nurse

  1. " I think we must have a nurse for a few days. – Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  2. Yet you told Nurse Branscome. – Brother Copas by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  3. " Sleeping quietly," said the nurse but please don't make any more noise than you can help." – The Gloved Hand by Burton E. Stevenson