Synonyms for Square:


equal (adjective)
four (adjective)
quad, quartet, quadrangular, quaternary, quarto, four, quadrilateral, rectangular.
just (adjective)
just, lawful, due, equitable, honorable, fair, good, equable, even-handed, right.
square (adjective)
quadrate, orthodox, even, dated, equitable, unprejudiced, just, stuffy, impartial, unbiased, nonpartisan, fair, objective, conservative, rectangular, upright, button-down.


cu, cubic, acre, area, ct, bushel, carat, are, BMI, Centigram. concave, clean, chunky, angular, geometry, aerodynamic, closed, bulbous, bent, concentric, asymmetrical, quadrate. solvency, unbiased, be even, objective, unprejudiced, dispassionate, afloat, disinterested, solvent, fair-minded, nonpartisan, indifferent, impartial. even, quit, chalk something up, deadlock, quits, assist, aggregate, all, pay, attack, cushion, concede, bury. conformist, close, backyard, arcade, back, usual, campus, orthodox, button-down, traditional, car park, blind alley, cloister, alleyway, conventional, Establishmentarian, alley. bore, dinosaur, diehard, dweeb, drip, anorak, Drongo, fogey. constant, computation, base, common multiple, arithmetic progression, Arabic Numeral, cube root, coefficient, common factor. cylindrical, domed, arched, conical, cruciform, corkscrew, crosswise, circular, hooked, elliptical. vicarious, Participative, First-hand, first/second/third hand, close to home, directly, through someone's eyes, from the horse's mouth. chessboard, chessman, bishop, castle, chess, check, checkmate, capture, grand master, gambit. diamond, cross, chevron, flare, fractal, cuboid. perpendicular, flat, erect, upright, vertical, horizontal. four (noun)
quadrille, foursome, quadrature, Quadrennium.
gauge (noun)
straightedge, compass, rule, line, T square, micrometer, dial, tape measure, protractor, gauge, ruler, scale, rod, log, transit, yardstick, sextant, vernier.
geometric figure (noun)
hexahedron, rhombus, heptagon, equilateral triangle, octagon, parallelepiped, cusp, decagon, polygon, trapezoid, octahedron, tetragram, dodecahedron, quadrangle, pentahedron, hexagon, dodecagon, right-angle triangle, tetrahedron, scalene triangle, pentagon, triangle, polyhedron, isosceles triangle, parallelogram, tetragon.
old fashioned (noun)
old-time, Old World, out, archaic, low-tech, dated, conventional, old fashioned, dull, obsolete, conservative, boring, stuffy, antiquated, primitive, conformist.
square (noun)
block, diehard, cube, quadrilateral, fuddy-duddy, area, stick-in-the-mud, rectangle.
tool (noun)
sledgehammer, edger, welder, scroll saw, snips, knife, bench drill, mallet, jackknife, hacksaw, crosscut saw, pick, punch, hoe, jigsaw, back saw, ripsaw, shears, band saw, spade, handsaw, screwdriver, arc welder, pliers, wedge, machete, pickax, posthole auger, grapnel, table saw, shovel, drill, trowel, miter box, scythe, gouge, cold chisel, Bow-saw, file, vise, lug wrench, planer, hedge trimmer, stapler, hatchet, sickle, claw hammer, hammer, monkey wrench, calipers, coping saw, spoke shave, emery wheel, crowbar, wrench, circular saw, wrecking bar, scissors, saw, tire iron, awl, pipe wrench, ball-peen hammer, radial arm saw, chisel, plane, grindstone, jointer, tin snips, lathe, spanner, chain saw, auger, tool, keyhole saw, level, buzz saw, Drill press, axe.


compensate (verb)
nullify, counterbalance, counteract, balance, set, adjust, neutralize, correct, compensate, offset, cancel, tune.
recompense (verb)
remedy, remunerate, atone, rectify, reimburse, redress, refund, recompense, settle, return.
square (verb)
pay, balance, adjust, quit, settle, level.

Other synonyms:

solvency, quits, fair-minded, fuddy-duddy, dull, button-down, stick-in-the-mud, fogy, Establishmentarian. indifferent, solvent, area, disinterested, impartial, fossil, horizontal, conformist, unprejudiced, unbiased. nonpartisan, traditional, afloat, orthodox, mossback, vertical, dispassionate. upright, directly, perpendicular. objective. pay. quit. flat. agree
Other relevant words:
directly, fossil, even, mossback, fuddy-duddy, conservative, quits, quadrate.

Usage examples for square

  1. Some declared it impossible any house in that square should hold the number invited. – Weighed and Wanting by George MacDonald
  2. Does that make it square – Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  3. This one was not more than ten feet square – The Bible in Spain by George Borrow