Synonyms for Apartment:


condominium, accommodations, bedsit, accommodation. apartment building, bungalow, adobe, bunkhouse, cabin, chalet, chateau, billet, boarding house. clubhouse, coatroom, ballroom, cloakroom, coat check, auditorium, bathroom, checkroom. apartments (noun)
room, suite, lodging, tenement, flat, dormitory.
artifact (noun)
house (noun)
quarters (noun)
room (noun)
rooms (noun)
walk-up, railroad flat, home, pad, pied-a-terre, loft, bachelor pad, Townhouse, co-op, floor-through, bachelor apartment, digs, bed-sitter, residence, condominium apartment, efficiency, quarters, duplex, cooperative apartment, lodgings, condo, studio.

Other synonyms:

billet, condo, bachelor pad, boarding house, checkroom, efficiency, coatroom, digs, ballroom, bedsit, Townhouse, walk-up, clubhouse, bachelor apartment, cabin, chalet, accommodation, residence, cloakroom, loft, bungalow, apartment building, chateau, coat check, bunkhouse, bathroom, studio. duplex, pad, condominium, adobe. home. lodgings
Other relevant words:
bedsit, pad, accommodation, condominium, accommodations, Townhouse, quarters, digs, apartment building, bungalow, billet, walk-up, boarding house, chateau, duplex, efficiency, checkroom, residence, chalet, cabin, home, studio, bunkhouse, loft.

Usage examples for apartment

  1. He then took Makinut alone into another apartment in order to have some quiet conversation with him. – Genghis Khan, Makers of History Series by Jacob Abbott