Synonyms for Sign:


flash, body language, premonition, clue, presentiment, assurance, divination, warning, precursor, gesticulate, highball, prediction, auspice, action, whistle, foreknowledge, foreboding, manifestation, flourish, prognostic. advertorial, circular, banner ad, advert, classified ad, advertisement, bumper sticker, type. the color of someone's money, witness, signification, evidence, note, suggestion, show, illustration, indicator, smoking gun, index, demonstration, proof. employ, hire, retain, expression, confirm, engage, take on, appoint, recruit. high sign, litmus test, preview, express, tip off, promise. billboard, sign away, placard, endorse, poster, bill, countersign, sign on the dotted line, notice, signature, John Hancock. chorus, pant, marks, declare, mouth, chirp, declaim, gasp out, frame, phrase, put. prognostication, representation, foresight, warn, Prefigurement, forerunner, symbolism. enroll, enter, join, enlist, participate, muster in. alarm (noun)
tip off.
astrology (noun)
astrology, aquarius, gemini, capricorn, aries, cast, chart, cancer, astrologer, astrological.
character (noun)
demonstration (noun)
document with information; symbol (noun)
cipher, representation, character, logo, insignia, placard, notice, guidepost, type, signpost, crest, emblem.
evidence (noun)
clue, evidence.
indication (noun)
hint, denotation, gesture, notation, lighthouse, cue, emblem, indication, figuration, alert, pointer, marker, logo, tag, motion, signpost, guidepost, insignia, key, symbol, legend, signal, beacon, banner, wink, badge, flag, semaphore, stamp, label, wave, icon, gesticulation, prompt, logotype, ticket, token, brand, crest, designation.
indication, evidence (noun)
foreknowledge, beacon, harbinger, assurance, symbol, presentiment, precursor, premonition, foreboding, auspice, token, proof, prediction, suggestion, herald, manifestation, foretoken, hint, augury, flag, note, omen, badge, caution, symptom, warning, prognostic, signal, flash, high sign, presage, gesture, portent, whistle, wave, forewarning, wink, divination, clue.
motion (noun)
number (noun)
cipher, digit, number, bit, integer, character, numeral, figure.
omen (noun)
foretaste, presage, harbinger, messenger, pre-indication, forewarning, symptom, omen, premonitory sign, herald, augury, caution, portent, foretoken, warning signal, writing on the wall, premonition.
precursor (noun)
warning (noun)
alert, caution.
written symbol (noun)


caution (verb)
hope (verb)
motion to another (verb)
gesticulate, motion, express.
write name (verb)
endorse, witness, signature, confirm.

Other synonyms:

Prefigurement, high sign, body language, notice, endorse, note, John Hancock, sign away, smoking gun, hire, symbolism, index, countersign, suggestion. foreboding, illustration, prognostication, billboard, placard, employ, signature, litmus test. preview, recruit, gesticulate, witness, tip off, demonstration, signification. flourish, representation, proof, confirm. action. expression. bill. display
Other relevant words:
endorse, placard, indicator, hire, manifestation, bill, evidence, signature, index, poster, prognostic.

Usage examples for sign

  1. I thought Nichol would recognize me; but there wasn't a sign – Taken Alive by E. P. Roe
  2. He made a sign to her to come over to him. – Bertha Garlan by Arthur Schnitzler
  3. There was, of course, no sign of Lady Ursula. – The Tangled Skein by Emmuska Orczy, Baroness Orczy