Synonyms for Note:


representation, figure, bass, symbol, chord, D, C, crotchet, double flat, B, beat, DO, sign. calendar, scribble, inscription, addendum, notes, acknowledgments, entry, summary, appendix, memorandum, agenda, artwork, scrawl, body, diary, journal, afterword, binding, jotting, blurb, reminder, back. cover letter, billet doux, chain letter, enclosure, Dear John letter, word, air letter, announcement, dead letter. interval, your inner self, flat, emotion, heart, sharp, frame of mind, natural, sensation, key, pitch, degree, undercurrent, scale, feelings, passion. memo, identify, pick out, tell, words, discern, recognize. all-nighter, blackboard, classwork, chalkboard, exercise book, eraser, missive, crib, dictation, essay. concept statement, blue book, company report, certificate, confidentiality agreement, obiter dictum, Consent Form, charter, dossier, Annual Report. interpretation, commit something to paper/writing, exegesis, write, put pen to paper, copy down, commentary, compose, set down. evidence, touch on, allude to, invoke, witness, tell of, raise, show, badge, symptom, come up, talk in terms of something, refer to, indicator, manifestation, signification, token, indication. luster, bread, prominence, coin, important, renown, Fame, knowledge, glory, notability, bucks, Eminency, Prominency, prestige, Illustriousness. see, attention, regard, caption, jottings, espial, observance, chit, cognizance, heed. fluency, idiolect, gymnastics, formulation, formality, diction, fustian, flow, aria, monotone, delivery. need no introduction, be a household name/word, have the world at your feet, be/become (a) legend. attention, heed (noun)
observance, notice, regard, cognizance, remark.
chronicle (noun)
correspondence (noun)
epistle, postcard, post, line, letter, correspondence, message, dispatch, acknowledgment, reply, answer.
debt (noun)
delinquency, debt, obligation, voucher, debit, deficit, iou, loan, liability, indebtedness, pledge, default, mortgage, arrears.
letter (noun)
line (noun)
money (noun)
greenback, change, loot, bank note, lucre, pocket money, assets, currency, promissory note, wallet, bullion, fortune, treasure, coinage, funds, receipts, sterling, moolah, dough, dollar, bond, pounds, balance sheet, issue, purse, money order, swag, cash, wherewithal, worth, stock, bill, net worth, petty cash, money, capital, income, profit, scratch, wad, ways and means, silver, nugget, gold, wealth, bankroll, gross, draft, proceeds, spending money, wampum, ingot, copper, coupon.
note (noun)
greenback, tone, musical note, note of hand, annotation, bank bill, take note, notation, federal reserve note, line, preeminence, bank note, mention, government note, notice, remark, take down, mark, promissory note, banknote, banker's bill, distinction, eminence, observe, short letter, bill.
paper money (noun)
receipt (noun)
symbol, often used in reference to music (noun)
key, degree, pitch, figure, indication, representation, sharp, interval, flat, mark, tone, scale, token, natural, sign.
word (noun)
written communication (noun)
missive, letter.


chronicle (verb)
enumerate, clock, account, inventory, catalog, record, minute, chronicle, register, log, archive, Journalize, index.
communication (verb)
remark, take down, mention, observe.
indicate (verb)
indicate, designate, ticket, denote, point out, gesture, point, wink, nudge, signal, betoken, notify, gesticulate, beckon, brand, mark, label, shrug, cue, symbolize, stamp, motion, wave, alert, tag, flag, nod, guide, prompt.
list (verb)
document, summarize, itemize, audit, tabulate, tally, invoice, table, budget, schedule, book, check, store, digest, file, recount, total, count, list, detail, score, collect.
observe, perceive (verb)
enter, clock, mention, denote, discern, record, see, document, designate, heed, write, register, transcribe, indicate, set down.
perception (verb)
notice, mark.
record (verb)
enter, transcribe, inscribe.

Other synonyms:

Federal Reserve note
federal reserve note.
scrawl, obiter dictum, aria, Eminency, espial, Prominency, Illustriousness, inscription, jottings, Fame, chit, copy down, touch on. manifestation, write, token, prominence, notability, glory, renown, indicator, compose, tell of, exegesis. heed, sign, caption, cognizance, scribble, evidence, signification, witness. entry, interpretation, badge, commentary, indication, discern, invoke, prestige. observance. luster. see. come up. raise. enroll
set down, log.
notice, memorandum.
point out
refer to, allude to.
Other relevant words:
pitch, interval, figure, symbol, notation, observance, heed, mention, regard, observe, entry, aria, badge, key, chit, see, memorandum, symptom, musical note, remark, tone, degree, notice, take note, take down, annotation, jotting, token, distinction, certificate.

Usage examples for note

  1. Then came a note from Miss Baker, asking him to come to Littlebath. – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  2. I have a note from him to- day. – His Own People by Booth Tarkington
  3. Bassett read the note carefully, and looked up. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart