Synonyms for Table:


booth, sink, horse, pulpit, all-you-can-eat, bill of fare, slab, furniture, lectern, BYO, stand, cellar, bus, brown-bag, bureau. algorithm, computational, calculation, compendium, synopsis, abacus, countdown, binomial, chart, statistics, deviation, average, approximation, decimal place, appendix. assemblage, age group, constellation, crowd, circle, busload, knowledge, array, club, tabulation, crush. move, rearrange, fix, time, bring forward, reschedule. coordinate, axis, block graph, curve, diagram, design, cross-section, bar graph, bell curve. countertop, dinette, dinner table, dinette set, card table, breakfast bar. hot list, blue book, formula, hit list, glossary, bibliography, blacklist. calendar (noun)
time, docket, journal, logbook, log, daybook, diary.
canon (noun)
catalog/catalogue (noun)
enumeration, roster, hit list, calendar.
chart (noun)
group (noun)
tabular array.
list (noun)
score, waybill, calendar, annual, annals, novel, repertory, bill, thesaurus, scrapbook, collection, account, book, store, tabulate, detail, manifest, lexicon, roll, enumeration, daybook, recording, history, census, yearbook, pad, album, Bank book, check, tally, registry, digest, record, total, count, chronicle, recount, summary, invoice, list, workbook, treasury, budget, sum, scroll, docket, tablet, blank-book, documentation, register, schedule, statement, notebook, log, logbook, diary, catalog, dictionary, index, menu, cash book, journal, ledger, inventory, Storybook, roster, itemization, file.
report (noun)
portrayal, description, memoir, monograph, recounting, narrative, telling, anecdote, report, article, retelling, treatise.
reverse (noun)
change, switch, alter.
table (noun)
counter, dining table, desk, pulpit, list, appendix, set-back, tabulation, postpone, roll, inventory, board, summary, bill of fare, console, mesa, statistics, captain's table, lamp stand, kitchen table, compendium, turntable, round, dresser, remit, bureau, digest, put over, spread, index, coffee table, shelve, chart, dinner table, hold over, sideboard, menu, buffet, schedule, tea table, workbench, tabular array, synopsis, bench, lectern, slab, record, sink, stand, food, bar, defer, nightstand, prorogue, register.


list (verb)
Journalize, summarize, audit, note, itemize, document, enumerate, collect.
report (verb)
portray, retell, narrate, tell, describe, state.
table (verb)
move, shelve, defer.

Other synonyms:

tabulation. graph
set back
Other relevant words:
compendium, lectern, design, mesa, hold over, pulpit, tabular array, defer, move, synopsis, dinner table, tabulation, sink, bureau, bring forward, chart, meal, board, shelve, horse, statistics, furniture, booth, bill of fare, put over, remit, slab, appendix, spread, stand, postpone, food, prorogue, diagram.

Usage examples for table

  1. We shall never meet again except at table – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  2. This should not be made long before it is wanted for table – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  3. He turned back, and took it from the table – The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde