Synonyms for Totals:


accounts (noun)
Journals, rolls, assets, invoices, general ledgers, profits and losses, ledgers, balance sheets, cash books, registers, Inventories, balances, receipts, dockets, slates, Budgets, Schedules, books, accounts.
amounts (noun)
Quanta, proportions, allowances, numbers, portions, rations, Quantities, allotments, pieces, amounts.
calculations (noun)
Measurements, Evaluations, statistics, assessments, approximations, appraisals, inferences, systems, mathematics, divisions, deductions, determinations, calculations, considerations, presumptions, thoughts, methods, conclusions, estimations, valuations, Algorithms, computations, judgements, suppositions.
lists (noun)
Thesauri, yearbooks, Catalogs, Indices, Censuses, checks, menus, Records, novels, calendars, digests, Dictionaries, lexicons, scrapbooks, storybooks, lists, Registries, workbooks, daybooks, itemizations, pads, bills, Diaries, stores, collections, Summaries, logbooks, scrolls, thesauruses, annuals, logs, Histories, details, tables, treasuries, chronicles, repertories, statements, waybills, rosters, notebooks, annals, bank books, Tablets, Manifests, albums, files, recordings.


adds (verb)
aggregates, acquires, accumulates, annexes, accrues, increments, attains, augments, increases.
calculates (verb)
divides, values, considers, approximates, schemes, triangulates, plots, evaluates, surmises, quantizes, enumerates, rates, rationalizes, deduces, reckons, sums, Tallies, quantifies, weighs, computes, determines, figures, adds, judges, counts, appraises, plans, Measures, calculates, multiplies, assesses, Studies, estimates, ranks, scores, infers, gauges, supposes, concludes, Programs, systematizes, guesses, thinks, presumes.
lists (verb)
journalizes, summarizes, notes, Indexes, audits, documents, collects, itemizes, recounts, tabulates.

Usage examples for totals

  1. When you add flying stingarees to that combination, it totals up to something novel in criminal ideas. – The Flying Stingaree by Harold Leland Goodwin