Synonyms for Accounts:


accounts (noun)
Inventories, balances, balance sheets, books, cash books, assets, Budgets, Journals, rolls, slates, profits and losses, registers, dockets, ledgers, general ledgers, invoices, receipts, totals, Schedules.
calculations (noun)
Evaluations, judgements, valuations, mathematics, statistics, presumptions, thoughts, appraisals, estimations, Measurements, Algorithms, deductions, suppositions, systems, considerations, assessments, methods, approximations, inferences, divisions, conclusions, computations, determinations, calculations.
chronicles (noun)
Histories, Autobiographies, daybooks, scrapbooks, Records, logs, Indices, descriptions, Diaries, recitals, memos, memoranda, anecdotes, narratives, newspapers, notebooks, archives, Chronologies, Newsletters, Biographies, yearbooks, Catalogs, albums, calendars, chronicles, epics, statements.
credits (noun)
liens, tabs, drafts, credits, mortgages, loans, trusts.
lists (noun)
Dictionaries, menus, collections, pads, recordings, stores, logbooks, rosters, lexicons, checks, Manifests, Thesauri, itemizations, lists, waybills, novels, files, Registries, tables, storybooks, treasuries, Summaries, annals, details, repertories, bank books, Tablets, workbooks, digests, thesauruses, scrolls, Censuses, annuals, bills.
prose (plural) (noun)
Tales, novellas, myths, Allegories, short stories, episodes, romances, parables, reminiscences, fables, Stories, scenarios, serials, legends, yarns, Sagas, fictions.
reports (noun)
articles, reports, Memoirs, portrayals, treatises, monographs.


accounts (verb)
describes, justifies, clarifies, explicates, rationalizes, explains.
calculates (verb)
surmises, supposes, reckons, appraises, Studies, gauges, schemes, approximates, determines, calculates, infers, estimates, plans, Measures, divides, computes, considers, values, figures, quantizes, Programs, rates, judges, concludes, sums, guesses, systematizes, thinks, deduces, triangulates, weighs, plots, scores, adds, assesses, counts, evaluates, Tallies, enumerates, quantifies, presumes, ranks, multiplies.
chronicles (verb)
clocks, Indexes, minutes, journalizes, notes.
lists (verb)
itemizes, tabulates, documents, collects, summarizes, recounts, audits.
reports (verb)
states, portrays, narrates, retells, tells.

Usage examples for accounts

  1. I hear great accounts of it. – Ulysses by James Joyce
  2. Now that is no easy matter here in England; to rich and poor, Christmas is the time for settling accounts and paying debts. – Sermons on National Subjects by Charles Kingsley