Synonyms for Overall:


all-round (adjective)
blanket (adjective)
wide-ranging, all-inclusive.
general (adjective)
wide-ranging (adjective)


chiefly (adverb)
in general.
generally (adverb)
by and large, altogether.


dj, duffel coat, bomber jacket, bolero, blazer, coat, anorak, dinner jacket, cape, cloak. coveralls, oilskins, pinafore, jumpsuit, gown, burqa, apron, burka, poncho, Overalls. capri pants, cargo pants, Chaps, chinos, britches, bottoms, breeches, baggies, bell-bottoms, blue jeans. together, something of the kind, when all is said and done, generally, by and large, by definition, broadly/generally speaking, in general, as a whole. overall (noun)
general, total, boilersuit, gross, boilers suit.

Other synonyms:

Everything, wide-reaching, the sum total, far-reaching, all-round, broad-spectrum, far-ranging, wide-ranging, all-around. extended, whole, wholesale, complete, all-inclusive, global, inclusive, expansive, all. widespread, extensive. large, broad. together.

Usage examples for overall

  1. They talked together while Mercy Gale doffed her overall and woollen bonnet. – The Spinners by Eden Phillpotts
  2. He would look a fine figure of a man in a white overall and cap! – Sweethearts at Home by S. R. Crockett