Synonyms for Further:


additional (adjective)
supplementary, extra, in addition, added, more, other, new, fresh.


additionally (adverb)
beyond, then, moreover, besides, distant, also, as well as.
again (adverb)
also (adverb)
in addition, moreover, furthermore, together with, besides, not to mention, along with, Including, as well as, also, likewise, And, too, additionally.


additionally (adverb)
also (adverb)
in addition, additionally, moreover, Including, also, not to mention, along with, as well, And, besides, together with, too, as well as, likewise, furthermore.


about, around, along, distant, across, after, before, by, ahead. extra, over, excessive, overly, exceptional, more, new, beyond, increase, fresh, surplus, added, other, Hyper-, overmuch, additional. as well, together with something, supplementary. make for, get past, nurse. the fact that, anyway, even so, anyhow, in any case, namely, incidentally, by the way. all, when, then, Whenever, here, last, This, Until, sometime. From, apart, little, all the way, long, out, long-distance, away. further (noun)
more, extra, accelerate, hasten, too, additional, additionally, in addition, advance, fresh, moreover, furthermore, other, as well, promote, supplementary, also, expedite, new, facilitate, besides, assist, help.
in addition (noun)
additional, more, extra.


advance, lend support (verb)
serve, contribute, facilitate, assist, hasten, promote, help, expedite.
benefit (verb)
serve, avail, contribute, assist, do good, help, favor, better.
expedite (verb)
quicken, advance, facilitate, accelerate, hasten, promote, hurry, expedite.
improve (verb)
enhance, elaborate, improve, garnish, embellish, correct, enrich, progress, renovate, refine, upgrade.
progress (verb)

Other synonyms:

long-distance, supplementary. distant, other. little. apart, From, away. long. out. facilitate
Other relevant words:
beyond, around, away, additionally, all, This, anyway, out, more, incidentally, extra, excessive, fresh, apart, surplus, increase, From, new, anyhow, overly, added, sometime, namely, Until, overmuch, by, as well, distant, before, Whenever, make for, other, across, here, Hyper-, then, when, about, supplementary, additional, ahead, nurse, over, after, little, long-distance, along, exceptional, last, long.

Usage examples for further

  1. This was but little relief to me; but what could I do further – A Woman's Life-Work Labors and Experiences by Laura S. Haviland
  2. Now I am wanted to take further part! – Winds of the World by Talbot Mundy
  3. " You've been much too good to me already, old man," said I; " but I don't think I need trouble you further – The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories by Rudyard Kipling