Synonyms for Different:


different (adjective)
contrasting, distinct, unlike, various, contrary, contradictory, unalike, unequal, conflicting, asymmetric, nonuniform, disparate, new, diverse, mismatched, dissimilar, differing, heterogeneous, discordant, divergent, varying, abnormal, unmatched.
dissimilar (adjective)
unlike, nonuniform, disparate, mismatched, opposite, heterogeneous, inconsistent, unalike, contrary, divergent, aberrant, distinct, discordant, dissimilar.
dissimilar, unlike (adjective)
clashing, various, distinctive, distinct, unalike, variant, inconsistent, divers, divergent, mismatched, offbeat, changed, peculiar, contrary, other, altered, contrastive, individual, contrasting, antithetic, disparate, Deviating, particular, opposed, diverse, unequal.
distinctive (adjective)
divergent (adjective)
unalike, contrasting.
diverse (adjective)
distinct, various, dissimilar, nonuniform, multifarious, diversified, Digressed, divergent.
irregular (adjective)
quirky, irregular.
miscellaneous, various (adjective)
collected, incongruous, varied, diversified, jarring, assorted, sundry, manifold, dissonant, asymmetrical, multifarious, indiscriminate, variegated, varicolored, heterogeneous, many.
nonconforming (adjective)
curious, odd, strange, crazy, fey, quirky, nonconforming, erratic, freakish, unique, incongruous, oddball, irregular, oddity, aberrant, deranged, idiosyncratic, deviant, uncustomary, off, untypical, eccentric, exceptional, uncommon, unconventional, misfit, improper, outlandish, crosspatch, mismatch, unfamiliar, bizarre, incompatible, peculiar, unusual, singular, inconsistent, novel, atypical, anomalous, funny, un-ordinary, out of the ordinary, abnormal, divergent, extraordinary.
nonuniform (adjective)
varied, nonuniform, varying, heterogeneous, diverse, dissimilar, discordant, multifarious, Deviating, divergent.
separate, distinct (adjective)
specialized, strange, several, extraordinary, uncommon, singular, atypical, discrete, unusual, unconventional, bizarre, out of the ordinary, another, specific, original, special, unique, novel.
special (adjective)
discriminating, individual, peculiar, feature, particular, characteristic, specific, precise, distinguishing, definite, specialized, keynote, quirky, idiosyncratic, hallmark, special.
unaccustomed (adjective)
unequal (adjective)
disproportionate, disparate, discrete, unfair, uneven, separate, nonuniform, unequal, lopsided, distinct, dissimilar.
unusual (adjective)
offbeat, distinctive.
various (adjective)
mixed, manifold, diversified, assorted.


innovative, unprecedented, new, original, inventive, fresh, newfangled. different (noun)
assorted, another, contrastive, dissimilar, unlike, opposite, several, antithetical, divergent, contrasting, antithetic, diametric, distinct, unusual, diverse, diametrical, differing, other, contrary, polar, various, distinguishable, variant, divers, disparate.

Other synonyms:

inventive. original. inconsistent

Usage examples for different

  1. You are so different from what I had been told to think you. – The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him by Paul Leicester Ford
  2. But young people now are different from what they were in my day. – Marriage by Susan Edmonstone Ferrier
  3. But enslavement's something different – Four-Day Planet by Henry Beam Piper