Synonyms for Sole:


alone, singular (adjective)
only, one, individual, separate, single, unshared, lone, exclusive, remaining, particular, solitary, unique.
single (adjective)
lone, unshared, one, singular, odd, unique, individual, single, solitary, only.


brill, bloater, no more than one, bream, dab, coelacanth, remaining. armpit, include, appendage, big toe, ball, clubfoot, arm, arch, separate, calf, one, particular, ankle. chowder, filet, bouillabaisse, fillet. Spouseless, shoelace, shoestring, fancy-free, cleat, unwed, unattached, lace, footloose, spat, instep, unmarried, bootlaces, insole, marriage. class, variety, cross-section, sort, classification, type, category, kind, taxonomy, grouping. do up, patch, fix up, maintain, fix, overhaul, darn, heel, mend, heal. bottom (noun)
foundation, depths, bottom, base, underside, underneath, basement, foot, nadir.
fish (noun)
goby, carp, kipper, minnow, sunfish, catfish, ray, bass, crappie, herring, smelt, tarpon, fluke, salmon, albacore, guppy, Mudfish, shark, marlin, walleye, trout, gar, whitefish, lamprey, bluegill, barracuda, tuna, goldfish, hake, sea horse, blackfish, puffer, hammerhead, sardine, sailfish, swordfish, char, haddock, anchovy, flatfish, Sting ray, perch, mackerel, rainbow trout, pike, fish, turbot, dogfish, flounder, pickerel, eel, grouper, bowfin, speckled trout, halibut, sturgeon.
sole (noun)
only, unshared, lone, exclusive, solitary, single, fillet of sole, lonesome, resole.

Other synonyms:

insole, fancy-free, bootlaces, footloose, unwed, shoelace, Spouseless. shoestring, unattached, spat, unmarried, instep. cleat. particular. heel, lace. Other relevant words:
heel, unshared, exclusive, lace, ball, one, clubfoot, shoestring, unattached, separate, individual, unmarried, fillet of sole, resole, instep, unwed, cleat, arch, bootlaces, Spouseless, footloose, insole, remaining, fancy-free, lonesome, particular.

Usage examples for sole

  1. Farewell, then, do you go that way and I will take this, and I will find somewhere near here a rest for the sole of my foot." – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. His daughter, and the heir of's kingdom, whom He purpos'd to his wife's sole son- a widow That late he married- hath referred herself Unto a poor but worthy gentleman. – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker