Synonyms for Routine:


boring (adjective)
businesslike (adjective)
habitual (adjective)
periodic, general, unremarkable, normal, timeworn, standard, common, workaday, methodical, typical, quotidian, accustomed, Acclimated, ordinary, habitual, chronic, conventional, customary, regular, Familiar, well-worn, conditioned, usual, custom, everyday.
mediocre (adjective)
average, standard, so-so, banal, normal, mean, mediocre, ordinary, usual, mundane, common, modest, suburban.
regular (adjective)
recurrent, canonical, constant, epochal, stock, usual, conventional, chronic, prevailing, periodic, traditional, continual, orthodox, normal, standard, average, mundane, cyclical, metronomic, universal, customary, Predominating, habitual, Familiar, accustomed, monotonous, steady, commonplace, frequent, ordinary, rhythmic, regular, common, general, everyday.
unexceptional (adjective)


essential, prototypical, classic, characteristic, typical, archetypal. nondescript, unexceptional, track. ploy, prank, trick, hoax, ruse, subterfuge, scheme, grind, dodge, dirty tricks, groove. cobol, code, language, binary system, command line, java, html, assembly language, ascii, action, basic. method, means, basis, mode, manner, tactic, way, technique. interval, finale, intermission, grand finale, opener, bill, encore, repertoire, material, curtain call. attitude (noun)
behavior (noun)
way of life.
communication (noun)
number, turn, act, bit.
habit (noun)
conventionality, second nature, way of life, tendency, treadmill, wont, trait, Familiarity, daily grind, instinct, rut, acclimation, disposition, temperament, habit, mannerism, tradition, fixed ways, addiction, regularity, leaning.
habitual activity (noun)
habit, custom, treadmill, wont, method, procedure, technique, daily grind, groove, rut, act, bit, grind, way.
mediocrity (noun)
modesty, normalcy, mediocrity, commonness, ordinariness, banality.
method (noun)
regularity (noun)
periodicity, predominance, universality, orthodoxy, recurrence, steadiness, rhythm, monotony, frequency, constancy, normality.
routine (noun)
procedure, everyday, workaday, unremarkable, turn, subprogram, quotidian, subroutine, number, function, mundane, act, modus operandi, ordinary, regular, bit.
usual (noun)

Other synonyms:

nondescript, unexceptional. groove, method. basic. track. procedure
procedure, technique.
Other relevant words:
groove, grind, turn, number, subprogram, function, intermission, action, manner, bit, act, modus operandi, methodical, unremarkable, track, curtain call, quotidian, typical, procedure, finale, subroutine, workaday, method, code, way, technique, unexceptional, mode, means, nondescript, scheme.

Usage examples for routine

  1. Blair's mother was the next to get into the comfortable track of routine the very day after she came back from that trip to Philadelphia she plunged into business. – The Iron Woman by Margaret Deland
  2. He has not broken into the routine of the household, and he sees no reason why he should. – A Minstrel In France by Harry Lauder
  3. Dave, newspaper routine has killed your imagination, little as one would expect such a result, from some of the things the papers print. – The Cow Puncher by Robert J. C. Stead