Synonyms for United:


concurrent (adjective)
concurrent, synergistic, cooperative, co-active, synchronous, coincident, combined, concert.
joined (adjective)
Confederated, joined, wedded.
mixed (adjective)
substantial (adjective)
considerable, physical, significant, palpable, appreciable, firm, sturdy, material, important, tangible, bodily, immanent, meaningful, actual, substantial, substantive, solid, real.
unanimous (adjective)
united (adjective)
monolithic, complete, indivisible, single, solid, irreducible, entire, coherent, holistic, elemental, unified, coincident, intact, pure, simple, same, integrated, uniform, integral, undivided, cohesive, homogeneous, congruous, atomic, congruent, fundamental.


attached, nearby, close, next door, near, Beside, next to, alongside. favourable, together, in accord with, favorable, by mutual/common consent, at one with. group, in unison, multilateral, bilateral, in association with, in company with. glue, unify, unification, unite, unity. football player, footballer, Gaelic football, flag football, football, leg, FIFA, division, the FA Cup, Australian Rules football. united (noun)
agreed, cohesive, consolidated, confederative, integrated, amalgamate, confederate, concerted, one, coupled, coalesced, federated, conjugate, allied, conjugated, joined, unsegmented, incorporated, conjunct, in league, fused, unified, undivided, incorporate, unitary, suprasegmental, tied, nonsegmental, cooperative, merged, federate, in agreement, married, combined, unpartitioned, conjunctive, amalgamated.


co-acted (verb)
combined, Coincided, synchronized, Cooperated, co-acted.
co-operated (verb)
interlaced, Participated, Dovetailed, Interwove, associated, intermeshed, Reciprocated, Concurred, shared, meshed, traded, Pooled, allied, affiliated, co-operated, collaborated, interwoven, overlapped, banded, Colluded, Confederated, intertwined.
converged (verb)
focused, merged, Approached, concentrated, Met, Intercepted.
married (verb)
conjugated, coupled, married, betrothed, Eloped, wedded.
unified (verb)

Other synonyms:

bilateral, nearby, next door, Leagued, Beside, alongside, multilateral, unification, attached, together, favorable. unite, near, unify. close, glue. group. Other relevant words:
concordant, in unison, conjunct, coalesced, conjunctive, organized, consolidated, co-operative, bilateral, group, federate, in agreement, multilateral, unite, together, FIFA, unify, nonsegmental, fused, football, confederate, footballer, tied, unification, concerted, confederative, near, next door, close, favourable, glue, amalgamate, joined, leg, incorporate, nearby, unpartitioned, one, Beside, Leagued, in partnership, agreed, amalgamated, unitary, at one with, assembled, unity, unsegmented, suprasegmental, in league, conjugate, attached, alongside, incorporated, division, favorable, federated.

Usage examples for united

  1. Yet she did not turn against the person to whom Lienhard belonged, as he did to the city, or to his own family, and who was united to him by the will of Heaven, but against the mysterious young creature at his side, who changed with every passing moment. – In The Blue Pike, Volume 2. by Georg Ebers
  2. Then he told the ladies what he knew of the love which united Heinz and Eva. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. His chance came with an opportunity to join a group of men who will be read about as long as there is any history of the United States. – The Adventures of Buffalo Bill by Col. William F. Cody