Synonyms for Married:


attached (adjective)
embellished, augmented, extended, Hitched, Spliced, Prefixed, accompanied, Annexed, related, subscripted, affixed, attached, added, extra, Suffixed, connected, merged, joined, bound, additional.
conjugal (adjective)
wedded, hymeneal.
included (adjective)
entangled, involved, Comprised, wedded, integrated, related, composed, Encompassed, included, enveloped, incorporated, enmeshed, embodied.
joined (adjective)
consolidated, amalgamated, joined, Annexed, Spliced, wed, adjacent, Adhered, Abutted, attached, bonded, connected, affiliated, synergistic, affixed, juxtaposed, related, merged, coupled, allied.
wedded (adjective)
united, joined, mated, Espoused, joined in holy matrimony, marital.


consummation, civil partnership, marriage of convenience, Arranged Marriage, conjugal rights. married (noun)
mated, joined, ringed, marital, united, matrimonial, wed, wedded.
wedded (noun)
given in marriage, living in the married state, in the state of matrimony, joined in holy matrimony, Espoused.


attached (verb)
connected, Hitched, bonded, juxtaposed, wedded, Abutted, joined, Spliced, affixed, attached, stuck, Clung, coupled, Adhered, related, bound, merged, fastened, Annexed.
included (verb)
entangled, included, incorporated, enveloped, wedded, involved, composed, Encompassed, Comprised, enmeshed, embodied, integrated.
joined (verb)
attached, Clung, allied, coupled, related, wedded, consolidated, Spliced, affiliated, affixed, merged, Annexed, bonded, Abutted, juxtaposed, amalgamated, joined, connected, Adhered.
married (verb)
united, betrothed, conjugated, Eloped.
related (verb)
correlated, Pertained, associated.

Other synonyms:

hymeneal, conjugal rights, spousal, Arranged Marriage, civil partnership, marriage of convenience. connubial, nuptial, consummation, marriage, conjugal. Other relevant words:
engaged, nuptial, spousal, hymeneal, matrimonial, Espoused, conjugal, ringed, marriage, marital, mated, consummation, connubial.