Synonyms for Personal:


each (adjective)
respective, several.
egotistic/egoistic (adjective)
favorite (adjective)
friendly (adjective)
warm, spontaneous, good-natured, nice, pleasant, brotherly, welcoming, friendly, amiable, Warm-hearted, genuine.
human (adjective)
inner (adjective)
esoteric, inside, deep-seated, hidden.
private (adjective)
esoteric, secluded, private, secret, intimate, confidential, retired, exclusive.
private, individual (adjective)
own, privy, secluded, retired, peculiar, exclusive, special, particular, secret, intimate.
secret (adjective)
subjective (adjective)
partial, partisan, subjective, arbitrary, individual.


broken, particular, acquainted, cosy, special, chummy, brittle, connected, peculiar, brotherly, close, clannish, arm's length. bitter, bodily, burning, deep-seated, affective, corporeal, basic, casual, blind, acutely, corporal, deep, depth, fleshly. advertorial, circular, classified ad, specific, billboard, advert, bumper sticker, banner, banner ad, advertisement. maiden, limp, hostile, lame, lamely, attempted, privy, commemorative, amateur, face saving, desperate. mysterious, near, uncertain, obscure, strange, unknown, inside, hidden, anonymous. somatic, proprietor, owner, ownership, possessor, body, Proprietorial, community property, bearer, something has someone's name on it, holder. one-woman, respective, several, individualistic, be someone's affair, one-man, on a personal level.

Other synonyms:

indivisible, possessor, corporal, owner, proprietor, simple, unknown, special, community property, respective, judgmental, anonymous, strange, one-woman, holder, Proprietorial. discretionary, uneven, corporeal, undivided, ownership, fleshly, mysterious, bodily, corporate, hidden, somatic, obscure, individualistic, one-man, distributed. collective, uncertain, bearer, several. Among. inside. confidential
face to face.

Usage examples for personal

  1. If, however, you are tired of war, I have no wish for life, nor is it to your credit to save the life of one who once was your personal enemy, and who now is worn out and useless." – Plutarch's Lives, Volume I (of 4) by Plutarch
  2. And he didn't say anything personal nor anything very bad, anyhow. – Divers Women by Pansy and Mrs. C.M. Livingston