Synonyms for Divided:


detached (adjective)
branched, apart, split, cleft.
disjoint (adjective)
dissected, cut, disassembled, unfixed, disjoint, divorced, disconnected, scissored, disunited, disarticulated, Bisected, parted, fissured, sliced, dissociated, split, segregated, broken, unhinged, unglued, Sundered, Halved, incised, Disintegrated, Excised, Disengaged, separated, dismantled, detached, cleaved, rent, uncoupled, partitioned, Disassociated, fragmented, severed.
fractional (adjective)
segmented, Parceled, compartmented.
halved (adjective)
halve, halfway, branching, Bisected, split, cleaved, half, severed, bifurcated, fissured, cut, carved, forked.
portioned (adjective)
Dismembered, Zoned, allotted, compartmented, Portioned, subdivided, budgeted, cut, shared, rationed, sliced, split, measured, fraction, half, partitioned, Parceled, Pieced, apportioned, segmented.


irreconcilable, at cross purposes, discordant, at odds (with), in contention, controversial, on a collision course, at loggerheads (with someone). divided (noun)
cleft, dual-lane, cloven, torn, shared out, partitioned, bifurcated, sectioned, distributed, in disagreement, divided up, chambered, two-chambered, pronged, disconnected, disjointed, bisulcate, branched, bifid, partitioned off, bilocular, tined, segmental, disunited, trifid, apart, bicameral, multilane, biloculate, biramous, shared, forked, dichotomous, forficate, metameric, bifurcate, subdivided, separate, split, prongy, episodic, segmented, fragmented, disjunct, pentamerous, mullioned, separated, sectional.


alienated (verb)
disunited, pushed away, disaffected, estranged, separated, alienated, Distanced, divorced.
allotted (verb)
distributed, set, Parceled, rationed, given, allocated, shared, dispensed, Gave, budgeted, assigned, Allowed, apportioned, Meted, Portioned, segmented, Earmarked, allotted, Dealt.
calculated (verb)
presumed, Reckoned, thought, quantified, rationalized, measured, Deduced, totaled, Schemed, Computed, Appraised, Inferred, programmed, Surmised, valued, Enumerated, Rated, concluded, calculated, planned, quantized, Scored, determined, Accounted, Gauged, scheduled, added, Summed, Judged, evaluated, Approximated, supposed, studied, Assessed, Tallied, plotted, Weighed, Triangulated, ranked, considered, Counted, figured, Guessed, multiplied, systematized, estimated.
dissociated (verb)
disjoined, fragmented, parted, cleaved, disconnected, broke, Halved, Excised, ruptured, detached, Sundered, Disengaged, cleft, partitioned, rent, uncoupled, Insulated, dismantled, Disassociated, dissociated, segregated, severed, split, broken.
halved (verb)
forked, fissured, branched, tore, torn, bifurcated, Rented, slitted.
portioned (verb)
compartmentalized, chunked.
separated (verb)
ripped, sliced, unglued, dissected, axed, removed, unfixed, Pared, unhinged, incised, Amputated, disassembled, cut, disaffiliated, Disintegrated, Bisected.

Other synonyms:

controversial, irreconcilable. discordant. Other relevant words:
chambered, mullioned, disjunct, bifid, controversial, biramous, biloculate, separate, cloven, bifurcate, irreconcilable, discordant, dual-lane, tined, shared out, divided up, disjointed, multilane, metameric, prongy, bicameral, trifid, sectional, apart, two-chambered, bilocular, segmental, episodic, pronged, dichotomous, pentamerous, sectioned, forficate, bisulcate.

Usage examples for divided

  1. But she could only give a divided attention to their visitor, and to the account of all that he and Will had done and enjoyed together. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. What is divided up? – Half a Dozen Girls by Anna Chapin Ray
  3. Both agreed that it should be changed the next morning, and the silver cash equally divided – Folk-Tales of Bengal by Lal Behari Day