Synonyms for Unified:


complete (adjective)
finished, intact, conclusive, complete, exhaustive, sum, integral, collective, total, entire, plenary, through, undivided, thorough, final, whole, uncut, unabridged, universal, done, solid, full, all, comprehensive, unsevered, accomplished.
entire (adjective)
joined (adjective)
wedded, joined.
united (adjective)
holistic, homogeneous, monolithic, congruent, Confederated, fundamental, coincident, incorporated, single, simple, elemental, indivisible, integral, cohesive, uniform, united, atomic, integrated, pure, consolidated, coherent, allied, combined, solid, intact, entire, undivided, same, collective, congruous, complete, irreducible.


consolidated, combined, coupled, Compacted, another, Cemented, federated, different, coalesced, conjoined, concerted, married, joined, consistent, interchangeable, associated, equivalent, synthesized, intertwined, conjugated, steady, wedded, centralized, identical, blended, amalgamated, same old, same old, identified, equal, allied, Confederated. unify, glue, unity, unite, confederate, unification. unified (noun)
integrated, merged, coordinated, interconnected, incorporated, united, incorporate.


completed (verb)
executed, completed, fulfilled, closed, Arrived, concluded, Achieved, Culminated, filled, graduated, ended, terminated, consummated, finalized, integrated.
ordered (verb)
placed, orchestrated, established, unsnarled, regulated, designed, structured, cast, Righted, Sifted, controlled, Devised, planned, set, typed, maintained, settled, Scored, supported, prepared, systematized, arranged, grouped, plotted, balanced, Methodized, Collated, sorted, arrayed, framed, stratified, Charted, classified, normalized, adjusted, stabilized, graded, separated, pigeonholed, programmed, composed, ranked, harmonized, Screened, Marshalled, formed, ordered, rationalized, fixed, Subordinated, shaped, scheduled, organized, schematized, mediated, Classed, categorized, Schemed, Rated.
unified (verb)
simplified, homogenized, Coincided, Cohered, embodied, purified.

Other synonyms:

Confederated, unification. unite, unify. glue. confederate. linked
Other relevant words:
coordinated, equal, coalesced, blended, conjoined, incorporate, federated, associated, joined, concerted, glue, interconnected, unification, incorporated, consolidated, unite, merged, married, unify, combined, identical, coupled, amalgamated, centralized, Confederated, allied.

Usage examples for unified

  1. But the tradition of unified Customs, now nearly a century old, has immense potency, and unless it is fearlessly scrutinized and challenged, may be able, reinforced by the passions excited by the great controversy over Free Trade and Protection, to defy the warnings writ large upon the page of history. – The Framework of Home Rule by Erskine Childers
  2. There were times, however, when the tension between them would relax, when some incident occurred to focus Ditmar's interest on the enterprise that had absorbed and unified his life, the Chippering Mill. – The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009