Synonyms for Various:


all (adjective)
certain (adjective)
several, some.
different (adjective)
multiple, changeable, variable, different, contradictory, many, conflicting, dissimilar, nonuniform, all manner of, divergent, heterogeneous, uncertain, mismatched, numerous, discordant, inconstant, contrary, unmatched, asymmetric, unalike, varying, unlike, of every description, of any kind, disparate, differing, distinct, unequal, abnormal, varied, diverse, contrasting, varicolored.
diverse (adjective)
different, distinct, dissimilar, diversified, multifarious, Digressed, divergent, nonuniform.
miscellaneous, differing (adjective)
diverse, unlike, diversified, varied, numerous, individual, disparate, assorted, several, unequal, manifold, discrete, many-sided, all manner of, variegated, changeable, different, heterogeneous, many, sundry, distinct, multifarious, separate, unalike.
numerous (adjective)
various (adjective)
multifaceted, diversified, multiphase, Diversiform, multifarious, several, polymorphous, Heteromorphous, sundry, variegated, multiplex, motley, manifold, Multifold, many-sided, multiform, polymorphic, assorted, complex, diverse, multiple.


alternative. big, some. all-around, all-round, protean, ability. discrete, separate. changeable, unstable, unsettled, inconstant, uncertain, fluid, mutable, change, alterable, unsteady, variable.

Other synonyms:

alterable, discrete. inconstant, all-round, protean, mutable, some, alternative, separate, variable, all-around. changeable. unsettled, unstable, unsteady, fluid. uncertain. copious

Usage examples for various

  1. The English, so the voice informed the various guests, as door after door was thrown open upon the court- yard, were at Ventersburg Station, only two hours away. – Notes of a War Correspondent by Richard Harding Davis
  2. From noon till this time, twenty ice islands, of various extent, both for height and circuit, presented themselves to our view. – A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World, Volume 1 by James Cook
  3. I've been at the Travellers', reading various appreciations of my own character. – Plays: Lady Frederick, The Explorer, A Man of Honor by William Somerset Maugham