Synonyms for Uniform:


alike (adjective)
consistent, comparable, like, similar, undifferentiated, analogous, correspondent, akin, monotonous, same, parallel.
all (adjective)
consistent, unvarying.
consistent (adjective)
straight, undeviating, even, unvarying, unbroken, habitual, invariable, undiversified, constant, systematic, unchanging, homogeneous, equable, symmetrical, consonant, normal, true, regular, level, monolithic, methodical, ordered, stable, well-balanced, smooth, steady.
continuous (adjective)
persistent, nonstop, repeated, monolithic, perpetual, indefatigable, consecutive, unvarying, continual, unremitting, unchangeable, flat, straight, constant, repetitive, continuous, habitual, incessant, invariable, perennial, undying, endless, monotonous, coherent, featureless, homogeneous, even, consistent, connected, un-intermittent, regular, undeviating, gapless, robot-like, lasting, steady, seamless, unceasing, unending, level, continuing, interminable, ceaseless, recurrent, sequential, unchanging, unbroken, cyclical, everlasting.
like (adjective)
ordered (adjective)
harmonious, efficient, regular, balanced, normal, steady, systematic, tight, ordered, consistent, methodical, symmetrical, stable, arranged.
similar (adjective)
close, analogous, Resembling, alike, ersatz, homogeneous, similar, such, imitative, twin, comparable, semblance, like, akin.
symmetrical (adjective)
symmetrical, regular, balanced, well-balanced, Proportioned.
uniform (adjective)
homogeneous, indistinguishable, same, consonant, level, alike, unbroken, undifferentiated, seamless, even, consistent, monolithic, steady, invariable, undeviating, like, equable, unvarying, assonant, regular, undiversified.
united (adjective)
pure, united, coincident, monolithic, undivided, complete, congruous, homogeneous, coherent, single, unified, congruent, cohesive, simple, atomic, holistic, solid, intact, elemental, fundamental, entire, indivisible, integrated, same, integral, irreducible.


black, coordinates, casuals, beachwear, civvies, accessory, array, baggies, combats, black tie. corresponding, parallel. badge (noun)
insignia, baton, badge, ermine, mantle, crown, staff, coronet, tiara, ring, pin, wand, pall, mortarboard, scepter, seal, emblem, signet, tartan, talisman, regalia, orb.
coordinated outfit (noun)
even (noun)
smooth, true, crooked.
uniform (noun)
consistent, single, homogenous, undifferentiated, regular, homogeneous, unvarying, dedifferentiated.

Other synonyms:

interchangeable. another, smooth. corresponding. parallel. Other relevant words:
corresponding, interchangeable, true, correspondent, dedifferentiated, another, array, smooth, parallel, homogenous.

Usage examples for uniform

  1. Put a uniform on some men and they begin to believe they're cops, eh, cobber? – Police Your Planet by Lester del Rey
  2. Thank you for coming so far, she said, I shall not say good- bye, for we shall soon be meeting in London, and you will be ever so grand in your new uniform – Patsy by S. R. Crockett
  3. Our men and women in uniform give America their best and we owe them our support. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various