Synonyms for Indivisible:


cohesive (adjective)
indissoluble, inseparable, solid, consistent, integrated, continuous, cohesive, congruous, conforming, connected.
complete (adjective)
indissoluble (adjective)
joined, inseparable, permanent, unified, impenetrable, unbreakable.
pure (adjective)
honorable, Simon-pure, uncluttered, irreducible, blameless, simple, immaculate, white, untarnished, essential, unadorned, formative, aboriginal, basic, stainless, austere, unblemished, virtuous, stark, primary, prime, undiluted, guiltless, faultless, decent, innocent, elementary, plain, basal, unadulterated, bare, monolithic, unalloyed, spotless, undefiled, clean, pure, chaste, sinless, angelic, fundamental, nascent, untainted, foundational, unsullied, primal, elemental, purebred, clear, atomic.
single (adjective)
united (adjective)
homogeneous, unified, atomic, uniform, coincident, entire, complete, same, pure, simple, undivided, fundamental, congruent, elemental, integrated, cohesive, integral, monolithic, solid, intact, holistic, single, united, congruous, coherent, irreducible.


corporate, personal, distributed, collective, Among, uneven, common. indissoluble (noun)
joined, unbreakable, permanent, impenetrable.
indivisible (noun)
indivisible by, undividable, inseparable, indiscrete.

Other synonyms:

hexadecimal, calculable, annualized, double digit, decimal. corporate, uneven, distributed, binary. collective. average, common, Among. personal. even. Other relevant words:
annualized, average, joined, binary, impenetrable, collective, hexadecimal, undividable, decimal, permanent, calculable, uneven, personal, common, indivisible by, distributed, corporate, Among, unbreakable, indiscrete, even.

Usage examples for indivisible

  1. An intangible, indivisible and inalienable capital, these souvenirs constitute a sacred fund that each member of a family ought to consider more precious than anything else he possesses. – The Simple Life by Charles Wagner
  2. He issued one more ukase: " that the Two Sicilies form an integral part of Italy, one and indivisible under the constitutional king, Victor Emmanuel, and his successors." – Cavour by Countess Evelyn Martinengo-Cesaresco