Synonyms for Commission:


case, investiture, inauguration, bootleg, counterfeit, performance, constitution, defraud, sending, extort, commit, nomination, abet, appointment, abduct, engagement, blackmail, ordination. brigadier general, co, chief of staff, aide-de-camp, col, order, colonel, captain, CDR, adjutant, brigadier. duty, Support Group, club, flash mobbing, flash mob, function, association, police, work, obligation. composition, effect, draftsmanship, board, flavor, homage, format, council, legend, aesthetic, cherub. fee, plea, royalty, summons, pay, request, application, remuneration, entreaty, appeal, demand, solicitation, rake off, payment, salary. bank draft, banking, bank statement, balance, borrower, Bank book, errand, bank rate, BIPS, apr, bank. entreat, ask for, want, call away, invite, order up, insist, implore, send for. buy out, conscription, conscript, 4-F, awol, cashier, call up. bonus, benefit, company car, flexible benefits, expense account, flow-on, double time, combat pay, expenses. action (noun)
allotment (noun)
share, lot, allowance, partition, chunk, stipend, segment, quantum, apportionment, piece, ration, stake, dispensation, slice, split, measure, proportion, allotment, parcel, portion, part, budget, quota, allocation, division, percentage.
authority (noun)
kingship, birthright, might, rank, precedence, title, purview, force, superiority, sovereignty, Prepotency, powerfulness, power, punch, mandate, seniority, credential, influence, puissance, potency, faculty, mastery, command, cogency, prerogative, control, mightiness, strength, domination, stature, office, primacy, prestige, privilege, right, steam, sway, clout, authority.
authorization (noun)
authorization, confirmation, enfranchisement, validation, blessing, empowerment, agreement, designation, authentication, affirmation, approval, permission, notarization, certification, entitlement.
business (noun)
station, calling, selling, specialty, livelihood, affair, activity, holding, occupation, company, business, exchange, trade, industry, vocation, labor, practice, merchant, busy work, venture, profession, market, enterprise, career, management, firm, partnership, posting, proprietorship, position, commerce, negotiation, establishment, interest, transaction, consortium, assignment, service, barter, employment, concern, situation, retailing, job, corporation.
commission (noun)
committee, deputation, delegation, commissioning, direction, mission, military commission, delegacy, perpetration, charge, committal.
communication (noun)
charge, direction.
delegation (noun)
delegation, lieutenancy, embassy, committee, mission, proxy, organization, deputation, subcommittee, agency, consignment.
duty (noun)
group (noun)
group working together toward goal (noun)
board, committee.
jurisprudence (noun)
jurisprudence, adjudication, judiciary, jurisdiction.
payment (noun)
portion (noun)
compartment, cut, bit, zone, member, helping, sector, fraction, subdivision, stock, dividend, half.
task, duty (noun)
delegation, embassy, deputation, warrant, mission, obligation, consignment, mandate, work, office, proxy, charge, agency, errand, permit, appointment, employment, authority, function.
title (noun)


authorize (verb)
deputize, approve, authorize, consent, denominate, permit, ordain, agree, enfranchise, affirm, bless, countersign, certify, entitle, enable, license, notarize, empower, warrant, assent, authenticate, validate, confirm, sanction, designate.
authorize or delegate task (verb)
assign, commit, ordain, consign, empower, deputize, appoint, name, command, enable, order, entrust, license.
damaged (verb)
not working, broken, disabled, out of order.
delegate (verb)
assign, entrust, delegate, name, appoint, consign, charge.
enable (verb)
allow, facilitate.

Other synonyms:

combat pay, rake off, police, cashier, conscription, flash mob, conscript, draftsmanship, flexible benefits, extort, composition, Support Group, association, blackmail, abduct, expense account, bootleg, company car. bonus, case, royalty, cherub, commit, club, awol, legend, buy out, double time, flow-on, duty, flavor. effect, call up, homage. aesthetic, format. benefit, order. authorize

Usage examples for commission

  1. " Only I hold the King's commission – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. He's got his ensign's commission to go fight the French. – Foes by Mary Johnston
  3. Gramont gravely handed her his commission from the governor, and resumed his seat. – The Mardi Gras Mystery by H. Bedford-Jones