Synonyms for Contemporary:


all (adjective)
existing, occurring at same time (adjective)
contemporaneous, synchronous, simultaneous, synchronal, coeval, coexistent, synchronic, coincident, concurrent.
fashionable (adjective)
modern (adjective)
topical, existent, now, current, up-to-date, new, recent, present, latest, present-day, up-to-the-minute, au courant, mod.
new (adjective)
latest, up-to-date, late-breaking, topical, fresh, novel, up-to-the-minute, current, new, avant-garde, modern, recent.
now (adjective)
immediate, current, contemporaneous, today's.
present (adjective)
existent, present-day.


alive, in progress, concurrent, coincident, at this time, prevailing, simultaneous, coexistent. futuristic, time, ahead of your/its etc. time, hip, advanced. existing, present, existent, now. knowledge, mod, au courant. contemporary (noun)
modern-day, synchronous, present-day, synchronal, coeval, contemporaneous, synchronic, current, modern.
current (noun)
newness (noun)
currency, novelty, modernity, newness, lateness, freshness, topicality.


coinciding (verb)

Other synonyms:

au courant, present, age gap, futuristic, age bracket. hip, mod, age. existing, peer, existent. under. at, concurrent, advanced. now. coincident

Usage examples for contemporary

  1. Intrigue played a part in this caucus, if contemporary testimony may be believed. – Union and Democracy by Allen Johnson
  2. And, moreover, which of us shall trace the contemporary tendencies, the one towards honour, the other towards dishonour? – Essays by Alice Meynell
  3. His money had something to do with it, but the real reason was, in the words of a contemporary that " when it came to a show- down, the Marquis was always there." – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn