Synonyms for Other:


additional (adjective)
fresh, new, further.
additional, added (adjective)
fresh, another, more, extra, new, else, further.
different (adjective)
otherwise, distinct, separate, opposite, unrelated, else, remaining.
extraneous (adjective)
immaterial, separate, eerie, separated, outside, inadmissible, impertinent, external, disaffiliated, detached, inapplicable, exotic, outer, unaffiliated, strange, dissociated, foreign-born, removed, irrelevant, extraterrestrial, parenthetical, segregated, disjoint, foreign, Unallied, unessential, unrelated, disconnected, inappropriate, nonessential, alien, outlandish, extrinsic, estranged, extraneous.


revolution, swirl, distinct, rotation, about-face, lately, spin, the remaining one, twirl, turn, not long ago, some beside, across from, twist, wriggle, one beside, whirl, recently. further, dozen, determiner, more, fresh, Its, mine, every, My, an, increase, double, certain. brim, apex, bottom, base, edge, back, bevel, corner, confines, bump. paradoxical, conflicting, to the contrary, opposed, vice versa, conversely, reverse. alienation (noun)
foreignness, segregation, difference, extraneousness, dissociation, disjunction, inapplicability, remoteness, separation, alienation, detachment, division, breach, irrelevance.
other (noun)
new, unusual, former, early, added, otherwise, another, some other, extra, opposite, strange, past, additional, else, different, other than, remaining.


another (preposition)
some other.

Other synonyms:

further. more. fresh. Other relevant words:
more, fresh, conflicting, new, additional, extra, remaining, opposite, past, some other, further, another, distinct, else, other than, unusual, otherwise, former, different, early, added.

Usage examples for other

  1. But the mind must be made up, at one time or other – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore
  2. You can't call it no other – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith