Synonyms for Apart:


all (adjective)
remote (adjective)


separately (adverb)


separately (adverb)
exclusively, individually, singly, freely, independently.


ahead, after, about, around, across, along, beyond, before. inaccessible, outlying, far, remote, lonely, outermost, alone. contrasting, independently, one by one, include, unlike, conflicting, one at a time, dissimilar, separately, individually, Discretely, diverse, alternative, singly, distinct, divergent, various, different. then, when, Until, last, Whenever, all, here, This, sometime. Excepting, Excluding, exclusive of something, only, otherwise than, but, except, with the exception of, save. little, out, further, From, long, long-distance, all the way. flawed, kaput, wrecked, down, Trashed, battered, broken, shot, faulty. apart (noun)
independently, separately, isolated, singly, alone, aloof, individually, separated, separate, distant, distinct.
apart from (noun)
with the exception of, Excluding.
aside (noun)
disassemble (noun)
dismember, dissect, analyze, divide, reduce, dismantle.
distinct (noun)
alone, separate, special, individual, isolated.


separated (verb)
separated, distant, disconnected.

Other synonyms:

wrecked, kaput, across, long-distance, along, beyond, outermost, alone, before, Until, lonely, outlying, here, inaccessible, Discretely, Trashed, This. faulty, flawed, out, distant, separately, after, ahead, independently, down. little, singly, broken, remote. far. around. From, about. further. long. Other relevant words:
faulty, inaccessible, separated, aloof, dismantle, ahead, separately, last, distant, dismember, Excluding, when, long-distance, conflicting, long, special, individual, one by one, singly, isolated, Trashed, only, across, remote, except, analyze, individually, battered, save, alone, independently, broken, kaput, further, This, down, out, after, all, unlike, Until, freely, From, outlying, lonely, far, beyond, divide, include, dissect, around, Whenever, here, exclusively, dissimilar, diverse, separate, about, before, Excepting, outermost, along, flawed, one at a time, then, sometime, various, distinct, disconnected, but, alternative, reduce, little, Discretely, shot, divergent, contrasting, wrecked, different.

Usage examples for apart

  1. It was the first time they had been really alone since these days apart which had seemed so long to both. – The Rosary by Florence L. Barclay
  2. Harry Rames had, till this moment, at all events, been honest, had always stood apart in her eyes by reason of his honesty. – The Turnstile by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason