Synonyms for Express:


certain, precise (adjective)
definite, specific, direct, explicit, intended, clear, expressed, deliberate.
direct, speedy (adjective)
high-speed, nonstop, fast.
fast (adjective)
high-speed, nonstop, direct.


count, add up, reckon, compute, calculate, estimate, determine, project, assess. voice, airmail, certified mail, vocalize, vent, first class, words, COD, cash on delivery. comment, pronounce on, remark, sound off, speak out, air, ventilate, put. automotive, display, heavy, flex-fuel, motor, vehicular, roadworthy, seaworthy, manifest, armored, amphibious. delineate, represent, freight train, funicular, EUROSTAR, image, cable railway, limn, AMTRAK, portray, bullet train, boat train, describe, freight, deadhead. blot, phrase, mop, couch, dry off, dehydrate, dry, aspirate, formulate, word, drain, draw off, bleed. ship, circulate, fire off, send out, get off, tighten, squeeze, copy to, crush. easy, understandable, intelligible, make sense, straightforward, apparent, simple, evident. conscious, calculated to do something, deliberately, intended, on purpose, by design, consciously, deliberate, calculated, knowingly. crumple, clear, gleam, cross, creep, flash, falter, furrow, crease. communication (noun)
express mail.
explicit (noun)
definite, specific.
express (noun)
expressage, explicit, extract, verbalize, expressed, evince, express mail, show, press out, carry, give tongue to, verbalise, fast, utter.


affirm (verb)
verify, contend, propound, proclaim, set down, accept, certify, avouch, pledge, corroborate, warrant, acknowledge, sustain, ratify, promise, support, assure, submit, state, endorse, attest, adjure, affirm, maintain, testify, validate, assert, pronounce, approve, admit, claim, declare, aver, profess.
articulate; signify, mean (verb)
couch, declare, show, circulate, proclaim, utter, divulge, testify, phrase, pronounce, formulate, represent, put, word, disclose, state, communicate, ventilate, assert, convey, vent, exhibit, voice, evince, reveal, manifest, verbalize, air.
carry (verb)
convey, cart, dispatch, transmit, deliver, carry, transport, send, remove, bear, move, transfer, haul, shift.
discharge by squeezing or force (verb)
crush, ship, dispatch, press out, extract.
disclose (verb)
brief, reveal, exhibit, broadcast, unmask, communicate, disseminate, advertise, divulge, uncloak, confess, disclose, announce.

Other synonyms:

limn, speak out, blot, definite, boat train, automotive, freight train, COD, draw off, pronounce on, vehicular, cable railway, cash on delivery, roadworthy, airmail, flex-fuel, mop, certified mail, bullet train, AMTRAK, EUROSTAR, seaworthy, funicular, motor, armored, sound off. bleed, delineate, crumple, specific, first class, vent, amphibious, remark, aspirate, vocalize, portray, couch. creep, ventilate, dehydrate, falter, represent, comment, manifest, deadhead. gleam, phrase, drain. crease, furrow. tighten, voice, squeeze. display, put. air. crush. word. clear. cross. flash. articulate
sound off.
express mail.
Other relevant words:
deliberate, definite, conscious, phrase, utter, clear, ship, evince, voice, show, fast, freight, manifest, calculated, verbalize, direct, intended, specific, press out, word, explicit, represent, display, put.

Usage examples for express

  1. Regret is no word to express what I saw. – The Marriage of William Ashe by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. I am very thankful to you, but will express myself better later on. – Jennie Baxter, Journalist by Robert Barr
  3. Considering the position and the stock ye hold, any views ye might express would carry more weight than mine would do in your absence. – Vane of the Timberlands by Harold Bindloss